We took in the game Tuesday night; here are some notes on the occasion, a nice picture of the ballpark, and a recommendation for an online ticket seller.

Royals at the Giants, PacBell Stadium

The Game · The Royals are supposed to be the worst team in baseball, but they thumped the Giants convincingly; maybe the SF pitchers were having an off-night but the KC hitting looked sharp (I hadn’t realized that Angel Berroa is becoming a for-real star), and Carrasco was terrific.

Dervala · I took Dervala along to the game; she’d never been to one before and the sensory impact of walking into a major-league ballpark for the first time is pretty high: as we walked down the aisle she said “So this, this is what people do.”

PacBell is far from the best park in baseball, but it’s a decent tourist attraction in its own right, the views from the upper decks are pretty outstanding. Dervala liked the seventh-inning stretch, so she should make a point of taking in an afternoon game at Wrigley field, where they really put some oomph into it.

Online Tickets · The Giants’ own online-ticket sales site is OK, I’ve used it, but for this game they didn’t have anything interesting for sale. So I went googling after “Giants tickets” and I have to say most of the alternatives were pretty crappy; in June, they had notations like “Tickets arriving in March”, and so on.

Eventually I stumbled on tickets.yahoo.com, which took me to RazorGator, which was responsive and good. I found some decent tickets at what seemed like a decent price, and when I clicked “Buy”, they actually came up for less, and then when the order was fulfilled I got a note saying “We moved you closer”, and indeed I’d ordered tickets in Row 20 or so behind 1st base, and we got tickets in Row 7.

So one transaction does not a history make, but the first experience was outstanding.

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