Last week Simon Phipps and I were working on something that had to be done by the end of that day, and he pinged me “Got SubEthaEdit?”. I do, and I’ve used it occasionally when sitting around a table with some people, but he said “Point it at my server.” I hadn’t realized how smoothly this worked across the Internet, but we both got our hands on the document at the same time (he in Southampton, I in Vancouver) and we worked out the problems and got the job done, no fuss no muss. Is there anything similar on Windows or Linux/Unix, or even better cross-platform? Because it’s pretty serious magic. [Update: Robert Chassell writes to say that Emacs has been able to do this for years, although the functions having names like talk-connect and make-frame-on-display has probably not helped the uptake.] [Hsui-Fan Wang and one other person whose email I lost wrote to point out MoonEdit].

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March 14, 2005
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