I’d been meaning to write some traveler’s notes on Maui, they might be useful since lots of West Coasters go there; but to be honest, we planned our trips and travels based pretty well on the travel-guides and websites, and there are lots of them, and a little discrimination produces good results. The Surfing Goat Dairy would be an exception; we ran across one of their leaflets somewhere, and if you’re going to drive up Haleakala (and you should), they’re handily-placed for a visit on the way down. They’re a couple of expat Germans and in among the goats they have a nice little low-key place to eat, selling what they claimed were focaccias but in fact were croissants, loaded up with various combinations of their own flavored Chèvres and Fetas plus meats and vegetables. The food is excellent, the goats are charming, the view is good, the air on the mountainside is a pleasure to breathe, and the motto is Da’ Feta Mo’ Betta; what’s not to like? Inside, a picture of a handsome goat.

At the Surfing Goat dairy, Maui

This one was tied up by the sandwich stand. There was also a pig in a little pen that had a handy gap in the side so he could go in and out.

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