On this occasion, I’d like to wish our American neighbours the best of luck over the next four years; and I think you’re going to need it. I was one of the tiny percentage of non-Americans who thought invading Iraq might be sane, but then I thought then and I think now that it’s not OK to start a war based on on a bunch of bald-faced lies and yes, they knew they were lying. Now, everyone knows the WMDs were never there (check out the desperate sniveling from the pro-administration camp). I, like I suspect a large majority of the civilized world, really hope that the Iraquis manage against the odds to pull off a decent election and end up with some sort of a decent society, and that the US kids sweating it out and dying in the desert manage to make it home alive. Whatever you think about that, a majority of Americans disagreed with my opinion that if the US were a business, it was time to fire the boss. So, today, tens of millions get poured into the inauguration ceremonies. Meanwhile, bafflingly, it seems like they’re doing it again and once again, it seems to be working. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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January 20, 2005
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