Weekends here at 49°N latitude in the short-day months, if the sun shows you really need to get out into it. We favour the beach, in particular the Point Grey Foreshore, which is nicely rough and scrambly and uncrowded. Herewith some winterbeach pictures.

The foreshore’s a bluff with a narrow beach strip and there was a high tide this afternoon, so in places the beach wasn’t there; we had to time our sprints from dry spot to dry spot between waves. For a five-year-old, more fun could not possibly be imagined, and remarkably, he came home with reasonably dry shoes.

First, here’s an establishing shot, the reason we come down here. Across the waters of English Bay is Stanley Park; above, and behind the clouds, Grouse Mountain.

Vancouver: English Bay, Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain

Today, it was wood catching my eye. Here’s a detail of some driftwood and a tree silhouette. That tree is right down at the edge, its roots apparently in salt water but that doesn’t seem to bother it.

Detail of a giant fallen drift-log
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Beachfront tree silhouetted

Here’s a little driftwood-and-rock composition, egregiously PhotoShopped, no claim is made for photointegrity.

Log and rock, photo heavily processed

We didn’t get down to the beach till 3PM or so, and the winter solstice is coming up fast, so by a little after four, evening was closing in.

Sunset lights up English Bay waterfront

If you’re living in a place with a beach, and you’re not visiting it sometimes, you’re nuts.

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