The forecast says rain setting in tomorrow then a few days of mixed grey; which in Vancouver, this time of year, could stretch for weeks. So let’s share some sunny-weekend eye candy.

More Tree Stuff · Below, shot the same day as those other Autumn leaves, but I decided they needed to be published.

Sunlit autumn leaves

Here we have part of a big old beat-up tree on my daily commute (I am fortunate in that I walk to work while in Vancouver), this is about the fiftieth time I’ve shot it, but the light was right this time.

Gnarly tree trunk, nicely lit

Steveston · It’s a little village in but not of the Vancouver suburb of Richmond, frightfully touristy but still a nice place to go with a kid on a sunny Sunday; the fish & chips at Pajo’s down on the floating dock are really outstanding. Standing on one of the docks, the water kept sparkling at me so I tried to get the sparkles to photograph themselves. Holy cow, check the picture’s URI, that’s the thousandth shot with the Pentax; the honeymoon isn’t even slightly over...

Sparkles on sea-water at Steveston

The buildings in the picture below, if it weren’t for the sun slanting just right, would both be Bad Seventies Architecture.

Sunlit buildings in Steveston

Little darling, it’s gonna be a long cold lonely winter
There goes the sun...

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