What happened was, someone pointed out that Apple is now doing doing RSS feeds for lots of stuff; I signed up for OS X Knowledge Base (feed) and Downloads (feed) and sure enough, every so often there’s something there to look at. Today I was kind of hung up waiting for a phone call and RSS got me in trouble.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Screenshot

There was a blurb there for a demo version of something called Unreal Tournament 2004. I’ve never been much of a gamer, but it was Friday afternoon and after all I am an unemployed bum (for maybe another 3 days), so I fetched it.

Two hours later I realized that call just wasn’t going to be coming in and the afternoon was pretty well shot.

It’s been years since I cranked up a first-person-shooter, and they’ve come quite a ways, and this 1.25GHz Powerbook with the Radeon 9600 is a quite-OK gaming platform; mind you, the nifty graphics were a bit beside the point because the FPS were fast enough at 1024x768 that I never really had time for much of a look.

I may have to buy this sucker for those long plane trips. I am much too smart, not having done this for years and never seriously, to get into a fragging contest with anyone I know.

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February 27, 2004
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