Anecdotal evidence usually isn’t worth much attention, but put enough of it together and if it’s all pointing the same way maybe there’s some statistical significance lurking in there. Herewith some anecdotal evidence on global warming, with pictures.

The weatherman on the radio talks about how many of the hottest weeks on record have been recent ones (lots), how many of the hottest summers on records have been recent ones (lots), and so on. All I know is that it's been way up over 30°C here in Saskatchewan for weeks in a row, and people are hurting because they don’t buy air conditioners because it just doesn’t stay this hot for this long.

6 AM sunrise over the Saskatchewan prairie
Six A.M., gonna be another hot one.

When you have high temperatures and drought, you get grasshoppers. The picture below is the remains of two plants in what used to be a lush row of Romaine lettuce in my Mom’s garden, it was there Friday and gone Saturday, the hoppers got it. On Tuesday, Lauren’s Mum went out to the garden on the farm to grab some peas for the stir-fry and came in with only eight pods, the hoppers got the rest.

The remains of grasshopper-devastated Romaine lettuce in a Saskatchewan garden

Of course, we can push back the evidence and create an undamaged enclave. Below is Regina, Saskatchewan’s immense and beautiful Wascana Park, one of the two largest urban parks in the world, but you don’t have to go too far from here to be in among the drought and grasshopper damage.

Sunlight, trees, and grass in Wascana park in Regina, Saskatchewan

We went to the park to visit the Science Centre where we watched an Imax film on bears. It turns out that the icepack is smaller and further from shore these days, so the polar bears’ hunting season is shorter and their average weight is falling.

Flying home to Vancouver on the airplane, the fires, burning high this year, were clear to the eye from 35,000 feet.

Forest fire in Western Canada from the air (1)
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Forest fire in Western Canada from the air (2)

Anecdotal evidence.

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