Today’s weather went grey but stayed warm and we decided on a Sunday-afternoon outing to the beach, where a touch of soft rain only sweetened the waves’ welcome. This was balm to the eyes and after a bit the soul. Which was in order; it’s been a stressful weekend on the professional front and the sturm und drang seems to have momentum, so perhaps I can share a bit of that balm with the world via a tiny photo-essay. (Plus a practical undiscovered-Vancouver hint.)

Cloudscape/seascape from Vancouver\

Above is the big picture, highly useful for purposes of gaining perspective at times like these. Below is the details, where they say the Devil lives, and you can fool yourself you understand them till you realize how many there are in a mere square yard of jetsam.


Oh yes, that hint. If you’re in Vancouver, go to Jericho Beach, and when you get there, go to the Jericho Beach Sailing Centre, a sort of mini-yacht-club, and stroll upstairs, and you’ll find “The Galley,” a basic beer-&-burger sort of place where the food and service are both indifferent, but they have a fine selection of draft beers and a fabulous patio overlooking the beach. There just aren’t that many places in the world where you can sit on a patio in the heart of the city overlooking a beach and drink a nice fresh local draft beer and watch the sun kiss the mountains goodnight on its way into the Pacific, and not have to deal with a lot of expense or attitude or both. Entertainment, as they say, by God.

Anyhow, this last picture, this is a picture of Love.

boy in yellow hat on the beach

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