A golden afternoon here, some of it captured photographically by defeating the wiles of my camera-nemesis. The first in the collection below is, I claim, the single canonical, definitive picture of Spring in Canada. A couple of 'em are well worth the click to enlarge.

Canada Post truck with hockey graffiti
The hockey team is in the playoffs.

Then, bicycling home (them's my wheels behind the blocks), I encountered some artifacts not normally seen outside of cartoons.

Large cartoon-style concrete blocks
Spot the coyote

Then, this being the last night of a visit by my Mom, she took us out for dinner at Kibune Sushi, a fine establishment not far from Kitsilano Beach.

At Kibune Sushi

As we were walking out, Goldie Hawn (currently a Vancouver resident) came strolling in, and as pop-cultural icons go, she's a cheerful one, and thus fit well with the course of the afternon. From the restaurant, of course, to the beach.

Dog on Kitsilano Beach
The reason people move to Vancouver

The kid threw stones in the water and we found a beachfront bench because with the hockey playoff game on, the beach was thinly populated. Now I have often slimed this camera in this space, so it was without much hope that I pointed it at the sunset. But it did OK. Doesn't mean that I'm not gonna replace it.


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May 02, 2003
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