Herewith I begin an occasional repeating feature under the rubric “Perfect Tools”. Our species is arguably defined by tool use, and everyone knows the joy of a hard job made easy by the perfect tool. So from time to time I'll write up an example of a tool that comes close to the Platonic ideal: it does what it does as well as what it does can be done. I'll use a very inclusive definition of “tool”: hardware, software, you name it. Suggestions are welcome. Today we start with the humble Dandelion Killer.

Dandelion killer

Anyone who maintains a lawn or garden in a temperate zone knows about dandelions, which bloom in cheerful yellow and spread like cancer. First of all, you have to sort out the ethical and environmental issues; do you erally want to engage in killing members of a species based only on species membership?

I'm comfy with it, and if you want to engage in dandelion genocide, this would be the appropriate Weapon of Mass Destruction; a half-hour with this thing every couple of weeks will put the dandelions where the sun don't shine. No instructions required, just point it at the victim and your wrist will know what to do.

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April 19, 2003
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