Up here north of 49°, the evenings are already getting longer, and after dinner, the sun came out, and drew us poor mossy rain victims with it. Some nature treats for the light-starved Pacific Northwest eye. (Warning: six big pix, modemistas beware.)

(This still while at work: parked outside the hotel across the street, at first glance I thought it a truckload of garbage, then saw the dude in the lobby nailing a still life to the wall, these are his raw materials.)

Truckload of florist raw materials

Stepping outside after dinner, the magnolia was peeking out from behind the hedge, with the great maples next door looming behind wearing a first blush of very light green.

Hedge, magnolia, maple
Three living levels

The Magnolia invites a closer look; as the summer progresses the flowers will be less pure pink and eventually a rather shocking bordello violet blend, and some will last while the lovely dark-green leaves fill in around them, and some espontaneo latecomer blooms will keep the sex factor going through the summer.

Early magnolia blooms

While across the street...

Bird, willow tree, moon

A big willow, as yet leafless, nestles the moon in its branches, and is about to be traversed by a bird, an unromantic crow but the picture doesn't tell you that. Let's zero in on that moon a bit.

Moon in willow branches

Heading back up the sidewalk to go inside, the Azalea catches the eye; it's midway between its February all-green and its extended scarlet explosion.


Boy, do I ever hate this camerasputin; many kind readers have written in pointing me to Digital Photography Review, and specifically to the little Canon S45, also check out the S50 that just came on the market, mmm tasty-looking.

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