ongoing is a project simultaneously in writing and programming; I write the entries and in parallel fiddle with the software that publishes it. This is a pretty involving experience and there aren't that many of us in the world who get to enjoy it.

This is my second time around, in the early days of I constructed the Annotated XML Specification - there's a write-up on that page of the technology that I built to make that go. If I may brag a bit, that piece is now in its fifth year of life and continues to have a steady flow of readers.

I'm not sure I subscribe to explanations about right vs. left sides of the brain, or Dionysian vs. Apollonian, but I sure like both writing and programming. The processes feel different while they're going on but I am miles from having the vocabulary to describe those feelings, nor have I encountered it in anyone else's work.

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February 04, 2003
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