(O­rig­i­nal­ly post­ed in Usenet's net.­gen­er­al. This is here on­ly be­cause it ap­pears to rep­re­sent my first set of elec­tron­ic tracks on the net­work land­scape.)

Mi­cro­tel Pa­cif­ic Re­search here­by sec­onds the pro­pos­al for a net.vms news group.

We have du­al Vax­en, both 780's, one apiece VMS and 4.1x bs­d. We feel that this sit­u­a­tion can­not be that un­com­mon and that there is a large po­ten­tial for valu­able VMS in­ter­change on this net­work.

We LIKE both VMS and UNIX, and feel that each does a sat­is­fac­to­ry job of ad­dress­ing a cer­tain set of re­quire­ments.

Two top­ics that it might prove very worth­while to dis­cuss are:

  1. UNIX em­u­la­tion on VMS. We are run­ning the HCR UNITY pack­age ( will post a re­view in a bit ).
  2. Cross-fertilization. The fol­low­ing are just some of the ideas we are work­ing on, and we hope to have de­liv­er­ables in a mat­ter of month­s:
    • port­ing UUCP to native-mode vms (Us­ing the DEC C com­pil­er)
    • port­ing vi to native-mode vms ( '' )
    • build­ing a VMS-style lock man­ag­er for UNIX
    • build­ing disks from which ei­ther VMS or UNIX can be boot­ed.

As for the 'vms.silly' idea... What's wrong with ar­gu­ing the rel­a­tive mer­its of VMS and UNIX? We spend hours do­ing it and en­joy it huge­ly.

Tim Bray, Mi­cro­tel Pa­cif­ic Re­search

( ...microsoft!ubc-visi!mprvaxa!tbray )

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