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ETech — San Diego Trolley · It’s a nice enough town, but it’s out of the way and, in my ex­pe­ri­ence, not that easy to get around in. The ho­tel was sold out when I tried to get in a cou­ple weeks ago (but some last-minute ar­rivals got in fine, hrumph). Any­how, I end­ed up at a Dou­ble­tree at a place called “Hazard Center” which is bit of a ways out, but when I was driv­ing the rental in I no­ticed some­thing that looked like a train sta­tion across the street. Sure enough, the San Diego Trol­ley will take you from there to the con­ven­tion ho­tel in about 20 min­utes for $1.50, which beats strug­gling through the traf­fic in the car and pay­ing at least ten times that for park­ing. Oddly, the peo­ple on the train were few in num­ber, and they all seemed well-dressed, well-fed, and well-rested; a typical-California eth­nic mashup, and most were read­ing book­s. This isn’t like pub­lic trans­port in oth­er places. On the oth­er hand, when you want to go home af­ter ten at night, the trains run less of­ten, and many of the peo­ple are nei­ther well-dressed, well-fed, nor well-rested (y­ou can tell be­cause they’re asleep­). But the trains aren’t crowd­ed then ei­ther. All in al­l, it seems to be a fine sys­tem.
FSS: The Mission at San Diego · Fri­day Slide Scan #5 is from the Spring of 1990: an in­ter­nal shot at the old Mis­sion of San Diego in the city of that name; Unix and the Ox­ford English Dic­tionary took me there ...
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