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Minneapolis OK · The flight down here, on a brand-new little Embraer, was horrid. Minneapolis was having weather issues and held us on the ground in Vancouver, then we circled our destination for a half-hour. The pilot came on and said “Well, ladies and gentleman — uh, hold on” (a minute’s silence) “I was about to tell you that we’d been diverted to Duluth, but we just got clearance for Minnie”. He said it was a thousand-foot ceiling, but I think that was optimistic. Anyhow, I thought I’d stick my head out of the hotel and see about dinner and the ball game. Right across the street was the Town Hall Brewery, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Lots of beers, but the first one tried, a seasonal Scottish Pale Ale (Scottish Pale Ale? Huh?) was so good that I stuck with it. The burger was competent and the fries outstanding, I mean really great. Plus, they had comfy chairs and sofas set up in front of a big HDTV screen to watch the ball game. Friendly strangers to argue with about Joe Borowski and Mike Timlin (who was pitching for the Blue Jays when I was watching them win the Series in ’92, he’s still throwing 93mph, yow). Town Hall is ten years old and I’d bet on ’em for the long haul.
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