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Avoid Heathrow At All Costs · I’ve been through Heathrow a cou­ple of times this year now, and my pa­tience has snapped. Any­one who cares about cost, com­fort, con­ve­nience, or get­ting there on time with their pos­ses­sion­s, should start tak­ing ex­treme mea­sures to avoid rout­ing through Heathrow. They’re try­ing hard, but they’re fail­ing, it’s just bro­ken. Find an­oth­er way; even if it’s longer and more ex­pen­sive, the chances are still that you’ll ar­rive soon­er hav­ing spent and suf­fered less. Yes, it’s that bad. [The com­ments are boil­ing over, I’m not the on­ly one who feels this way; can some­thing be done?] [Later: Check the hor­ri­fy­ing num­ber re­port­ed by Hanan Co­hen. I’m se­ri­ous; I am to­tal­ly go­ing to find a way around Heathrow.] [Later, stil­l: In the last week of Ju­ly, Eric Pfan­ner of the In­ter­na­tion­al Her­ald Tri­bune ran across this piece and called me for an in­ter­view; the sto­ry turns out to be about trans­port pri­va­ti­za­tion in gen­er­al, and is a good one I think.] ...
Heathrow Sucks, Plus Arctic Lies · This is most­ly a rant about the ex­treme crap­pi­ness of the Heathrow ex­pe­ri­ence and will prob­a­bly be en­joyed by those who’ve shared it a few times too of­ten; plus some pret­ty neat aeri­al pho­tographs and a con­fes­sion ...
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