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London Bombs · This morn­ing I read on CNN that “Authorities across the Unit­ed States worked to in­crease se­cu­ri­ty on sub­ways, train­s, and oth­er po­ten­tial targets...”. That’s re­al­ly, re­al­ly stupid. If some­one wants to kill you so bad­ly that he doesn’t mind dy­ing in the pro­cess, chances are he’s prob­a­bly go­ing to get you, and a few more cops on the sub­way aren’t go­ing to help. As for Lon­don, well we’re all Lon­don­ers to­day; but in the big pic­ture Lon­don­ers have proven, plen­ty of times, that you can’t push them around this way. So this was not just sick, twist­ed and evil, but al­so fu­tile. That’s three Western cap­i­tals in four years, yeah they’ll prob­a­bly come back and do it again, and “tightened security” is just treat­ing the symp­tom­s. What’s the al­ter­na­tive? This may sound nut­s, but do­ing our best to just ig­nore them would be good. They’re not gonna cause any pol­i­cy changes this way, but at least they get to con­trol what’s on CNN & the BBC for a while; maybe if they couldn’t even do that, the strap-on bomb would be less at­trac­tive. My oth­er rad­i­cal suggestion—which some will de­nounce as treason—is to work hard­er at fig­ur­ing out the “Why?” of it. I’m not say­ing that there’s any po­lit­i­cal grievance to which at­tack­ing New York, Madrid or Lon­don is a rea­son­able re­spon­se. But when some­thing is driv­ing enough peo­ple in­to in­sane be­lief sys­tems that we see reg­u­lar ex­plo­sions in our cities, it would be smart to care—a lot—what that some­thing is. Be­cause, on the ev­i­dence, I don’t think the lead­ers of the Western world have a clue. [Up­date: This one got lots of link­age, but un­til to­day the on­ly di­rect feed­back was from Sa­van­na Slave of “Porn Pic a Day dot Com” (no kid­ding), who said “We un­der­stand ’em just fine”, and from Chris­taan Brig­gs, who quot­ed at length from Osama. I don’t think I’ll link to ei­ther, but you can find them if you wan­t. On the oth­er hand, Britt Blaser wrote a big es­say, which I high­ly rec­om­mend.]
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