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Green · Being a sunlit rain-forest interior from somewhere on the north slope of Keats Island ...
Voting Green · We’re having a provincial election and electoral-reform referendum, both this Tuesday May 12. I’ll be voting for the Green Party, and for single transferable vote ...
Went Camping · In Canada and the US, the first Monday in September is a holiday (“Labour Day”) and then the kids start school on Tuesday. This year, we spent the long weekend at camp. It was entirely traditional and very good. Herewith nature shots and campfire tales, some musical ...
Vince Ready · [This piece is about a nasty teachers’ strike here in BC, and probably only of local interest.] So if Vince can pronounce the bargaining process dead and cook up a proposal that looks like it’s going to end the fight, and do it in like 24 hours, why the ^#!%$ didn’t they hire him six months ago!? To Vince: Bill ’em for $100K for the day. To the government: Pay the bill. To the BCTF: Insist on covering half of it (Oh, and for gosh sakes climb down, you’re winning; stall on accepting the deal and your public support will be in single digits in fifteen minutes). [Update: The teachers are are going back, thank goodness. Yes, there’s a real chance the Campbell government will try to welsh on the class-size part of the deal, they apparently think that starving the public-education system of money is good governance; then again, they won the last election. But, having folded their tent and gone back to work, the teachers are going to be in a strong political position next time push comes to shove.]
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