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Texas Politics · If you weren’t watch­ing the livestream (cour­tesy of The Texas Tri­bune) you missed an as­tound­ing piece of dra­ma. I on­ly caught the last 90 min­utes, but wow ...
News Fail · So yeah, I sat up till 2AM (Paci­fic, 5AM in Bos­ton), fas­ci­nat­ed by the sit­u­a­tion in Cam­bridge and Water­town. I lis­tened to the po­lice ra­dio on­line, watched a few live Twit­ter feed­s, and had a cou­ple Google Maps win­dows zoomed in on streets that I’d nev­er heard of but now know where they are: Hazel, Dex­ter, Lau­rel. The pro­fes­sion­al news me­dia knew less than I (3 time­zones away) did, but said more; some­where be­tween nau­se­at­ing and just sil­ly ...
Explaining the Election · A pret­ty well full and com­plete ex­pla­na­tion of the US elec­tion re­sults may be found in The Right Repub­li­can, pub­lished in The Economist at the end of 2011 ...
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Dear America · Con­grats on hav­ing got­ten through an­oth­er overly-long elec­tion. Notes from a spec­ta­tor look­ing south from north of 49° ...
Inauguration · I’m not an Amer­i­can but I’ve cer­tain­ly en­joyed the po­lit­i­cal the­atre this last cou­ple of years. Yes­ter­day morn­ing I was walk­ing through a ho­tel lob­by in San Jose at 9AM (noon in Wash­ing­ton) and there on the big TV in the restau­rant was the in­au­gu­ra­tion. The lob­by had emp­tied as the staff crowd­ed in to watch. Then ev­ery­one joined in a big round of ap­plause. I was touched, but it was com­pli­cat­ed ...
Dear America · I must open with heart­felt thanks to all of you for the pas­sion and dra­ma and rhetoric and per­son­al­i­ty you’ve of­fered each oth­er and the world, in the political-theatre con­tex­t, for the last cou­ple of years. Un­less the tools of Statis­tics have sud­den­ly be­come emp­ty shell­s, Mr. Oba­ma will be your forty-fourth Pres­i­den­t; I’ve said my piece on why this is prob­a­bly a good thing. Here’s some more ...
Giving Thanks · This is the day where those of us around the world who are in the US-centric high tech busi­ness, but not Amer­i­can­s, give thanks for the fact that our phones are silent and for the cer­tain­ty that no ma­jor high-tech an­nounce­ments or ini­tia­tives will oc­cur. Face­tious­ness aside, this is, as Dan Gill­mor says, America’s best hol­i­day. There’s a lot to be said for a ma­jor civic cel­e­bra­tion that has noth­ing to do with theologically-significant births or deaths that hap­pened mil­len­nia ago in the Mid­dle East. Here’s a charm­ing, very per­son­al, small-scale nar­ra­tive about remembering—and, im­plic­it­ly, giv­ing thanks.
Operation Eden · Did you think the Ka­t­ri­na sto­ry was go­ing away? I don’t think so. Amaz­ing stuff.
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