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More On That Pipeline · I’ve writ­ten be­fore about the BC pipeline con­tro­ver­sy. Like many Cana­di­an­s, I’m un­con­vinced that it makes sense to bet heav­i­ly on filthy carbon-laden bi­tu­men, un­con­vinced that we should rip the hell out of North­ern Alberta’s peo­ple and land­scape to ex­tract it, un­con­vinced that we should ship it out of the coun­try so we can buy the re­fined prod­uct back, un­con­vinced that we should pipe it through our wilder­ness to the sea, and re­al­ly un­con­vinced that it makes sense to run 250 su­per­tankers a year in­to the nar­row stormy fjords of north­ern BC ...
Selling Canadians Short · [If you don’t care about Cana­di­an pol­i­tic­s, you can stop read­ing now.] Re­cent­ly I ran across A bud­get, a lead­er­ship race — and a na­tion split up the mid­dle, by An­drew Coyne, a ti­tan of the Cana­di­an con­ser­va­tive com­men­tari­at. It made me so mad that I want­ed to emit a loud pee­vish whine in this space, but I de­cid­ed to wait till I’d cooled down. But un­for­tu­nate­ly I haven’t. Mr Coyne’s the­sis is that the res­i­dents of the energy-producing re­gions of Cana­da are cor­rupt fool­s. For­tu­nate­ly his ar­gu­ment is pitiably weak ...
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