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Sold My Google Shares · I want the au­thor piece linked in the side­bar to be a full dis­clo­sure of the fi­nan­cial in­ter­ests of the per­son who’s writ­ing what you’re read­ing. I think on­line writ­ing with­out such a dis­clo­sure is trou­bling. Any­how, my fi­nan­cial dis­clo­sures no longer in­clude Google, be­cause I sold all my shares last week ...
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Motorized Desk Tour · For of­fice work­er­s: If you’re among those (rel­a­tive­ly few now, I think) who haven’t had a chance to try a sit/­s­tand desk, I to­tal­ly rec­om­mend them ...
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