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Not a Joke · Last week at that in­ter­nal tech sum­mit, the sub­ject of desk­top mul­ti­core com­put­ers came up. Marc Trem­blay said “If it’s Win­dows, one of the cores could be run­ning Nor­ton Antivirus.” Every­body laughed. But to­day I was read­ing PC Magazine’s re­view of the new Dell XPS which has the first mul­ti­core Xeon, and found this: One of the com­plaints we’ve heard from read­ers is that “protection” pro­gram­s, like Nor­ton In­ter­net Se­cu­ri­ty, are use­ful for safe­guard­ing their sys­tem­s. but slow their com­put­ers to a crawl. Dual-core Hyper-Threaded pro­ces­sors, such as the Pen­tium EE 840, can help, im­prov­ing your com­put­ing ex­pe­ri­ence be­cause the processor’s du­al cores can pro­cess tasks si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly. While most of the sys­tem is “concentrating” on mak­ing sure your In­ter­net or gam­ing ex­pe­ri­ence is ful­filled in the fore­ground, the re­serve pow­er that the du­al cores pro­vide pro­tects you in the back­ground, run­ning Nor­ton or oth­er an­tivirus or fire­wall pro­gram­s. You couldn’t make this stuff up.
Paint Shop Pro for Windows · Th­ese days, I’m in heavy scan­ning (see al­so On Time) mod­e, which means that I’m us­ing Win­dows a lot (and al­so, should you be a reg­u­lar read­er, that there are too many pho­to es­says in your fu­ture). The down­side is Windows’ egre­gious­ly ug­ly choice be­tween cartoon-bright and battleship-grey colours, plus this id­i­ot­ic no­tion that each Win­dow should car­ry its own menu around so you can see eleven at a time each wast­ing pre­cious screen real-estate even though no­body can pos­si­bly deal with more than one at a time... but I di­gress. The nice thing about this pro­cess is that I’m spend­ing some qual­i­ty time with Paint Shop Pro, a to­tal­ly ex­cel­lent and ridicu­lous­ly cheap soft­ware pack­age from JASC (of which com­pa­ny I know noth­ing). Should you be a Win­dows us­er and by some chance not al­ready have Paint Shop Pro on your com­put­er, run not walk to your near­est Web Brows­er and buy it al­ready. In terms of putting what you need to do all the time un­der your fin­ger­tips and let­ting you do a whole lot of se­ri­ous pho­to en­gi­neer­ing in a big hur­ry, noth­ing comes close. In par­tic­u­lar, Adobe Pho­to­shop (and I’m not gonna put a link here, be­cause Adobe’s Web site doesn’t make it easy to link to it, what’s wrong with them?) doesn’t come close in ease of use. Hav­ing said that, Pho­to­shop has some se­ri­ous­ly cool stuff that’s prob­a­bly cost-effective for me giv­en that I’m try­ing to get se­ri­ous about pho­tog­ra­phy, but in terms of easy-to-get-the-job-done, it’s poor by com­par­ison. Any­how, in case it’s not al­ready clear: Win­dows + Pic­tures = Paint Shop Pro. Go get it.
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