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All About Electric Text · This is not exactly a review of Yannis Haralambous’ Fonts & Encodings; that would be the work of years, and I doubt there’s anyone in the world qualified to discuss the whole thing, except its author. This new O’Reilly book is about a thousand pages in length. It’s impossibly ambitious, irritatingly flawed, and probably only comprehensible to a single-digit number of thousands of people world-wide; but for those people it’s an essential book, you just have to have it ...
Unicode and Ruby · I gave a presentation called I18n, M17n, Unicode, And All That at the recent 2006 RubyConf in Denver. This piece doesn’t duplicate this presentation; it outlines the problem, some conference conversation, and includes a couple of images that you might want to steal and use in a future Unicode presentation. For those who don’t know, “i18n” is short for “internationalization” (i-18 letters-n), “m17n” for “multilingualization”, and you can call me “T1m” ...
Rotated Floral Heart Bullet · No really, it’s a Unicode character, U+2767 if you must know. I found it here (warning; won’t display properly in most browsers) via Zeldman. I made a really big picture; read on for a look ...
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