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Popular Cryptography · It’s like this: Every­body ought to be able to use strong cryp­tog­ra­phy any time they’re go­ing to send any­thing to any­body. Ideal­ly it should just hap­pen, by de­fault, but let’s take ba­by step­s. This is a messy ram­bling work di­ary on try­ing to put some of the pieces to­geth­er to make that a lit­tle more prac­ti­cal than it is to­day ...
Surveillance and the Media · As I write this I’m an­gry at the CBC, Canada’s na­tion­al broad­cast­er, for their shod­dy, shal­low cov­er­age of re­for­m­gov­ern­mentsurveil­lance.­com (let’s say “RGS” for short­). But the trap they fell in­to is prob­a­bly at­trac­tive to many fla­vors of me­di­a ...
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