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What Do Tags Mean? · I’m al­most con­vinced that this new Tech­no­rati Tags thing is im­por­tan­t, but I’m 100% con­vinced that I don’t un­der­stand where it’s go­ing or what the im­pli­ca­tions are. Which is OK, be­cause I sus­pect no­body else does ei­ther ...
Metadata, Semantics and All That · Mr. Shirky’s re­cent ex­tend­ed polemic against the Se­man­tic Web has been giv­en lots of link­age from more than one in­flu­en­tial di­rec­tion. I’m clos­er to the Se­man­tic Web project than most, and re­main sig­nif­i­cant­ly un­con­vinced, but I don’t think dis­miss­ing it is as easy as shoot­ing fish in a bar­rel, and any­how shoot­ing fish in a bar­rel is un­sports­man­like and gen­er­al­ly suck­s. So here is an­oth­er take on it al­l, with an (ad­mit­ted­ly some­what scaled down) vi­sion of what the Next Web might look like ...
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