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AD VI: How To Draw a Curved Line · [This is part of the An­droid Diary.] For my lit­tle piece of demo-ware, I want­ed to draw curved lines be­tween the cir­cles rep­re­sent­ing en­tries in a geo­tagged feed. An­droid has a func­tion for draw­ing arc­s, but I had to do a lit­tle trigonom­e­try to work out the ar­gu­ments. This is by way of shar­ing the an­swer with any oth­er An­droi­ders who want to draw curved lines, and, well, I kind of en­joyed the math and who knows, maybe some­one else will too ...
On Lines and Angles · Item: They’re ren­o­vat­ing the house across the street from us; a big job with the base­ment en­larged and the whole struc­ture raised a few feet. The trou­ble is, from our front porch it looks like it’s ever-so-slightly tilt­ed. Item: I was do­ing some photo-editing and hav­ing a lit­tle trou­ble get­ting one shot sat­is­fac­to­ri­ly lev­eled. Those who’ve worked with Pho­to­shop or equiv­a­lent know that a tilt of much less than 1º is ob­vi­ous to an at­ten­tive eye.
[The com­ments on this piece are re­mark­able; you might a pe­rusal re­ward­ing.]
What’s a Gigabyte? · 109 is, of course 1,000,000,000. One mil­lion K is 1,024,000,000. One thou­sand megabytes is 1,048,576,000. 230 is 1,073,741,824. And on my new V20z box­es, a “gigabyte” is 1,073,238,016 bytes. Fur­ther dis­cus­sion at the Wikipedia.
Chaitin! · Fol­low­ing a point­er from Slash­dot, I found a re­view of Gre­go­ry Chaitin’s new book Me­ta Math!, a copy of which he’s placed on the Web. Here­with three rea­sons why I’m go­ing to have to buy the book ...
11,111km on the Odometer · I was driv­ing down to the cor­ner to pick up some­thing for din­ner and thought this was worth a pic­ture. That's a nice-looking num­ber, but it's not prime. Which makes me won­der. News­flash! New re­sult­s! Fron­tiers of Math­e­mat­ics pushed back! Read on ...
Divisibility · Re­cent­ly ran across a point­er to this "mind-reader" ap­pli­ca­tion. It's ob­vi­ous how it work­s, which leads to some in­ter­est­ing recre­ation­al math in the area of how you can tell what di­vides in­to what ...
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