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AD VI: How To Draw a Curved Line · [This is part of the Android Diary.] For my little piece of demo-ware, I wanted to draw curved lines between the circles representing entries in a geotagged feed. Android has a function for drawing arcs, but I had to do a little trigonometry to work out the arguments. This is by way of sharing the answer with any other Androiders who want to draw curved lines, and, well, I kind of enjoyed the math and who knows, maybe someone else will too ...
On Lines and Angles · Item: They’re renovating the house across the street from us; a big job with the basement enlarged and the whole structure raised a few feet. The trouble is, from our front porch it looks like it’s ever-so-slightly tilted. Item: I was doing some photo-editing and having a little trouble getting one shot satisfactorily leveled. Those who’ve worked with Photoshop or equivalent know that a tilt of much less than 1º is obvious to an attentive eye.
[The comments on this piece are remarkable; you might a perusal rewarding.]
What’s a Gigabyte? · 109 is, of course 1,000,000,000. One million K is 1,024,000,000. One thousand megabytes is 1,048,576,000. 230 is 1,073,741,824. And on my new V20z boxes, a “gigabyte” is 1,073,238,016 bytes. Further discussion at the Wikipedia.
Chaitin! · Following a pointer from Slashdot, I found a review of Gregory Chaitin’s new book Meta Math!, a copy of which he’s placed on the Web. Herewith three reasons why I’m going to have to buy the book ...
11,111km on the Odometer · I was driving down to the corner to pick up something for dinner and thought this was worth a picture. That's a nice-looking number, but it's not prime. Which makes me wonder. Newsflash! New results! Frontiers of Mathematics pushed back! Read on ...
Divisibility · Recently ran across a pointer to this "mind-reader" application. It's obvious how it works, which leads to some interesting recreational math in the area of how you can tell what divides into what ...
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