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More Ubuntu · Just a scratch­pad for my fur­ther Ubuntu-experience notes. So far: “locate”, Emac­s, Thun­der­bird, Fire­fox, func­tion keys, win­dows vs. app­s, menu place­men­t, hi­ber­nate, and X key­board map­pings ...
Linuxfest · I agreed to speak at Lin­uxfest North­west and so drove down to Belling­ham and back to­day. It’s about an hour, ex­cept for this Satur­day morn­ing it seemed like ev­ery oth­er Cana­di­an had that U.S. urge so I sat for 90 min­utes in a line of cars at the bor­der. Any­how, the event was ter­ri­fic. Si­mon Phipps has writ­ten elo­quent­ly of mar­ket­ing val­ues leech­ing the life out of some Lin­ux events; but not this one ...
What Do “GNU” and “Linux” Mean? · Th­ese few days of work­ing with the Nex­en­ta GNU/So­laris dis­tro have shak­en my as­sump­tion­s. Richard Stall­man has re­peat­ed­ly point­ed out that Lin­ux should be called “GNU/Linux”. I think he’s right, but it’s an unlove­ly and un­wieldy mouth­ful; Like many peo­ple, I’m guilty of just say­ing “Linux”. Un­for­tu­nate­ly, that word has come to mean dif­fer­ent things to dif­fer­ent peo­ple, and the land­scape is shift­ing un­der­neath us. I think we need to get our ter­mi­nol­o­gy straight. And what was it that GNU stood for, again? ...
debian GNU/Solaris · Everyone’s post­ing their GNU/So­laris screen­shot­s, so I will too. Here it is, cour­tesy of a LiveCD ISO from Nex­en­ta. I don’t know if there’s a way to get screen­shot of the Gnome start­up splash screen, so I just whipped out my pock­et cam­era and took a few snap­s. This, I firm­ly be­lieve, is the fu­ture of So­laris (er, ex­cept for I [blush] kin­da lean to KDE my­self; but you get the idea) ...
An Evening With Bonnie · Like al­most ev­ery­one, I have a long list of things that I re­gret not hav­ing done, and mine in­cludes writ­ing a Unix filesys­tem. So in­stead, I mea­sure ’em, with the help of my old friend Bon­nie. I just spent some time ad­dress­ing the ques­tion: “How much does FileVault slow down a Macintosh?” And turned up a cou­ple oth­er in­ter­est­ing re­sult­s, too, in­clud­ing a fair­ly startling three-way OS X/Lin­ux/So­laris com­par­ison. [Up­date: Many read­ers write on the sub­ject of Lin­ux and hd­par­m(8).] ...
Linux to Solaris Diary · On Fe­bru­ary 25, 2005, I un­der­took to trans­fer a non­triv­ial soft­ware de­vel­op­men­t/de­ploy­ment set­up from OS X and Lin­ux to So­laris 10. I have lots of old Unix and re­cent Lin­ux ex­pe­ri­ence, but none with So­lar­is. This en­try will serve as the per­ma­nent home for my tech­ni­cal di­ary doc­u­ment­ing the learn­ing pro­cess, which I shall up­date in-place. [Up­dat­ed: New sec­tions on doc­s.­sun.­com, NFS, and, be­lieve it or not, %.] ...
DME on OS Choices · Dave Ed­mond­son says smart things about non-Microsoft OSes for ev­ery­body, us­ing an ev­ery­day prob­lem (gee, this PC has a nice screen, can I plug it in­to the Playsta­tion?) to fo­cus his think­ing.
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