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On Grids · This is an introduction to the state of the art in Grid Computing in mid-2006. I start with some definitions and motivation, look at grid economics, survey the kinds of infrastructure that are out there now, and touch on future directions. The introduction is “brief” in the sense that it does little more than touch the surface of the subject, but it’s still immensely long for a blog. [Update: MapReduce is here and multi-node today! It’s called Hadoop.] ...
Just Enough JXTA · I’ve been reasonably successful at getting JXTA to do a couple of simple but very helpful things. Herewith some remarks on where I’ve found it useful, and on the Absolute Minimum Necessary code to get a JXTA app running. [Update: James asks me to post the code, so here it is, with commentary, probably only of interest to JXTA-heads.] ...
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