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On Grids · This is an in­tro­duc­tion to the state of the art in Grid Com­put­ing in mid-2006. I start with some def­i­ni­tions and mo­ti­va­tion, look at grid eco­nomic­s, sur­vey the kinds of in­fras­truc­ture that are out there now, and touch on fu­ture di­rec­tion­s. The in­tro­duc­tion is “brief” in the sense that it does lit­tle more than touch the sur­face of the sub­jec­t, but it’s still im­mense­ly long for a blog. [Up­date: MapRe­duce is here and multi-node to­day! It’s called Hadoop.] ...
Just Enough JXTA · I’ve been rea­son­ably suc­cess­ful at get­ting JXTA to do a cou­ple of sim­ple but very help­ful things. Here­with some re­marks on where I’ve found it use­ful, and on the Ab­so­lute Min­i­mum Ne­c­es­sary code to get a JXTA app run­ning. [Up­date: James asks me to post the code, so here it is, with com­men­tary, prob­a­bly on­ly of in­ter­est to JXTA-heads.] ...
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