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Google vs. Gmail · We’ve had our Tex­tu­al­i­ty.­com do­main since di­nosaurs stalked the earth, and I’d like tbray@ to be my per­son­al email han­dle right in­to the grave. But our cur­rent ISP/host is kind of lame and slow and has fourth-rate spam fil­ters that get in the way. So Lau­ren sug­gest­ed Google Apps for Email, and the buzz around it seems good. We’re about to pull the trig­ger, but it seems to be hard­er than it should be ...
Spam Storm · Is it just me, or is ev­ery­one get­ting a hun­dred or so emails per hour that are spam­bounces, i.e. spam with my email ad­dress on the “From:” line. I’m not sure I’ve seen a spam­storm quite as in­tense as this, ev­er. I ac­tu­al­ly looked in­side one and sure enough, there’s a re­al Web page sell­ing the usu­al phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal­s. Can no­body just go and take these guys down and keep them down?
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