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Korn on Accessibility · Accessibility technology is way more important than most people realize (hint: is your eyesight getting better or worse, year by year?) and there’s a lot of it and it’s hard to stay on top of. Peter Korn has a terrific snapshot of some of the hot stuff in that space; worth a read.
Inputs and Outputs · When I wrote recently about OpenOffice.org, I remarked in passing that an OO.o-based blogging facility would need a previewer. This provoked a lenghty and thoughtful response from Robert J. Chassell; I asked him to post it so I could point to it, and he has. He’s also posted Four Types of User Interface and notes that there is more to be read at www.rattlesnake.com/notions. Clearly, this man should blog. [Update: He is! Feed here.]
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