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Niagara Day · You can’t pos­si­bly imag­ine the amount of work it’s tak­en to get here. Richard McDougall has put to­geth­er a Ni­a­gara Blog­ging Car­ni­val which is the right place to start if you’re the kind of per­son that the MSM (Main Stream Mar­ket­ing, that stands for) isn’t aimed at; i.e., not a CEO, CIO, or jour­nal­ist. My own per­son­al fa­vorite Ni­a­gara news­bites: Item: No­body gets 100% yield on their chip­s. I gath­er that for the Ni­a­garas that don’t turn out per­fec­t, we’ll sell ’em cheap­er as 7-core, 6-core, 4-core, or what­ev­er. Some of these con­figs might turn out to be the deal of the cen­tu­ry de­pend­ing how we price them. Item: They’re open-sourcing the hard­ware, too. I’m not sure ex­act­ly what that means in the big pic­ture, and the li­cens­ing is go­ing to mat­ter, but it’s cool. Item: Those eight cores, when one’s not busy, they stop it. No, they don’t idle-loop it, they stop it. Ob­vi­ous when you think of it. Item: When not to use the new stuff. Item: How the I/O works. Item: What makes chips wear out and fail? Lots of things, but es­pe­cial­ly heat; so low-wattage chips are RAS win­ners. Item: Max­i­mum geek-out! Last item: When you have Ja­va threads that map re­al close­ly on­to So­laris threads that map re­al close­ly on to hard­ware thread­s, and you al­so have a lot of well-implemented hard­ware thread­s, this is what hap­pens.
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