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What This Is · ongoing is short for “ongoing fragmented essay” or in the common parlance a blog, launched in February of 2003. The unifying themes are Truth, Technology, and Business. My beliefs on this trio are summarized by the notes labeled Truth, Biz, and Tech, and (I hope) reflected consistently in every other fragment appearing at ongoing ...
Technology · A good way to become a generally happy person is to find your talent and a way to live by it. My talent is software; and writing about software ...
Truth · What I Believe I don't believe in God, and I don't believe in Adam Smith or Karl Marx, and I don't believe in the abstractions of Capital or Labour or GAAP, and I don't believe in the Nation or the Family or the Race or the Tribe ...
Business · I've been in the business world pretty well continuously since 1981. I've founded two companies, been the CEO of three, helped do five rounds of VC financing, and been on a lot of sales calls ...
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