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Day Sixteen · Wel­come to the World Cup 2010 playoff-round cov­er­age from yer Fútbol-lovin’ Web-centric mobile-enabled couch-huggin’ am­a­teur semi-fan ...
Day Fifteen · This World Cup 2010 prose cov­ers the last few days of the round-robin stage, and is even geeki­er than usu­al be­cause I watched most of it on a mon­ster screen driv­en by a Google TV pro­to­type amongst a gag­gle of Googler­s ...
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Day Ten · Wel­l, my job and my life have in­ter­fered heav­i­ly with your au­thor­i­ta­tive Web Geek’s World Cup 2010 cov­er­age. And — let’s get this out of the way — my pre­dic­tions as to which match­es were go­ing to be fun and how the groups would play out have been al­most en­tire­ly wrong ...
Day Five · We’re now ap­proach­ing the end of the first third of the round-robin in this geek-blog World Cup 2010 cov­er­age. Long way to go yet ...
Day Four · We’re now four days in­to the unique in­sights on World Cup 2010 on­ly avail­able from those with a good ba­sis in Web and Mo­bile tech­nol­o­gy ...
Day Three · Thus en­deth the first week­end of a geek blogger’s death­less World Cup 2010 pros­e. For oth­er cov­er­age from non-specialists, much more amus­ing than mine, check out n+1 magazine’s World Cup Pre­view ...
Day Two · Be­ing the sec­ond out­ing in the blog­gi­fi­ca­tion of World Cup 2010 ...
Day One · Wel­come to the on­go­ing World Cup 2010 blo­gath­on ...
2010 World Cup · What hap­pened was, four years ago in June we had a ba­by daugh­ter and I end­ed up watch­ing the World Cup ...
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