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Hockey Publishing · I just en­joyed watch­ing the first-round Finland-Canada hock­ey game from Sochi; the Fin­nish de­fense is awe­some, and Tuuk­ka Rask just about beat Cana­da single-handed. Al­so, they got­ta do some­thing about the ice qual­i­ty. But this isn’t about that, it’s about Wikipedi­a, once again beat­ing the world ...
Nucks · By which I mean our hock­ey team, now bound for the cham­pi­onship fi­nals. In Van­cou­ver this spring, ve­g­an yo­ga in­struc­tors are hock­ey fan­s, as are pro­fes­sors of Pa­tris­tic the­ol­o­gy, gay-rights ac­tivist­s, sushi chef­s, or­chid breed­er­s, and cloth-capped hip­ster­s. I sort of am too; it’s not a ter­ri­ble con­di­tion. I even went to a game, my first in years ...
Smart Talk · I did some un­avoid­able driving-around to­day and tuned in, as I do from time to time, the sports sta­tion, which was dis­cussing the evening-to-be’s hock­ey game. Be­cause while I am not what any­one would call a re­al fan, I am an ad­mir­er of se­ri­ous, re­spect­ful, grown-up dis­course ...
A Canadian Evening · That cold has now struck down ¾ of the fam­i­ly, so we stayed in­side this af­ter­noon and evening, and watched Hock­ey Night in Cana­da [home, Wikipedia] which is pret­ty cen­tral to who we are here ...
Edmonton vs. Carolina · I was born in Ed­mon­ton and have roots there, thus I’m firm­ly par­ti­san in the cur­rent Stan­ley Cup cham­pi­onship se­ries; any­how the no­tion of a cham­pi­onship hock­ey team from Caroli­na seems all wrong some­how. For con­nais­seurs of hock­ey and of fine writ­ing you can’t beat Col­by Cosh, who bleed­s, uh, what­ev­er colour cor­re­sponds to Ed­mon­ton. His hand-rolled duct-taped blog­ging sys­tem doesn’t ex­tend to twenty-first cen­tu­ry frip­peries such as perma­links, but here are tem­po­rary links to his cov­er­age of the five Edmonton-Anaheim games: 1 2 3 4 5. Cosh’s RSS feed doesn’t ac­tu­al­ly work to the ex­tent of be­ing able to click on the en­tries (in my ag­gre­ga­tor at least) but I sus­pect his write-up on the cur­rent se­ries will be defini­tive. He al­so serves as an ex­is­tence proof that not all right-wing Al­ber­tans are parochial hick­s. The first game just end­ed; the last-minute lapse was ap­palling, but if Hur­ri­canes goalie Cam Ward stays that hot, the Oil­ers are toast any­how.
The Smoking Gun · I al­ready griped about we Western­ers be­ing short-changed on high-def hock­ey, but Metroblog­ging Van­cou­ver found the ev­i­dence. Here’s the CBC Hock­ey Night in Cana­da sched­ule, and sure enough, there are ex­act­ly ze­ro Van­cou­ver games in high-def, while many US cities get cov­er­age, in­clud­ing bloody Tam­pa Bay twice. Face­tious­ness aside, this is im­par­don­able ar­ro­gance. (Oh, and by the way, that Metroblog­ging piece has some interestingly-doomful things to say about the fu­ture of the movie the­atre.)
Western Alienation · [Canadians-only post; oth­ers can move right along.] So, now that we have a Con­ser­va­tive gov­ern­ment and a Prime Min­is­ter from Al­ber­ta, we can do away with this crap where the Toronto-Montréal hock­ey game is in high-def but the Edmonton-Vancouver game is in POFT (plain old fuzzy TV), right?
Hockey and America · I man­aged to catch a few of the games in the just-completed World Ju­nior Hock­ey Cham­pi­onship. If I’d been more or­ga­nized I might have been able to go to some of them since they were right here in town, but hock­ey turns out to be ex­cel­lent HDTV fare and it was ter­rif­ic en­ter­tain­men­t. While we won the fi­nal 5-0, that wasn’t fair to the Rus­sian­s, who were a strong, fast, skilled team; they had at least as much tal­ent as the Cana­di­an­s. I think they were out-coached; plus our goalie Justin Pogge, whom nobody’d ev­er heard of be­fore, went in­to brick-wall mode in the first third or so of the game, against a mere hu­man there would have been two or three or more Rus­sian goal­s. Any­how, once you got past Cana­da and Rus­si­a, the oth­er re­al­ly good team in the tour­na­ment was the USA. And here’s what’s weird and dis­turbing: the mostly-Canadian au­di­ences were ac­tive­ly cheer­ing for any­one play­ing against the US, and oc­ca­sion­al­ly boo­ing the Amer­i­can­s. Grant­ed, economically-literate Cana­di­ans are mad at the US for egre­gious NAFTA abuse, and we’re ter­ri­fied of the con­se­quences of our neighbor’s lu­natic fis­cal and trade deficit­s. And of course, from the mushy Cana­di­an cul­tur­al cen­tre, Dubya and the neotheo­cons seem like be­ings from an alien plan­et. While, like most Cana­di­an­s, I dis­ap­prove of many ac­tions of the cur­rent US ad­min­is­tra­tion, like most Cana­di­ans I al­so like most Amer­i­can­s. And it’s just mo­ron­ic to take out po­lit­i­cal gripes on a bunch of ea­ger, ded­i­cat­ed, young ath­letes. But hav­ing said that, if there were any doubt that the USA has a ma­jor public-relations prob­lem, boo­ing hock­ey fans a half-hour over the bor­der should dis­pel it.
Dominator · I haven’t been watch­ing that much hock­ey this year (basketball’s my win­ter game) and I hadn’t seen Ot­tawa play, and I hadn’t seen one of the new-rules shootout­s. Un­til this evening; on TV mind you, but if they were all go­ing to be like this I’d see about get­ting some tick­et­s. The Canucks got away with the win, bare­ly, four deep in the shootout. They ac­tu­al­ly didn’t play as well I’ve seen them in a cou­ple of oth­er games this year, but still it was good hock­ey on both sides. If Van­cou­ver had been play­ing a team that had an ac­tu­al hu­man be­ing in goal, as op­posed to Do­minik Hašek, the Se­na­tors would have been toast. I’ve al­ways thought that the shootouts in soc­cer were lame and pa­thet­ic and stupid, but let me tell you, a hock­ey shootout is first-rate fun. We’re start­ing to get the oc­ca­sion­al high-def game, too; I may be­come a fan.
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