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Dumb InfoWorld Ads · There’s this ugly guy with wiry black hair peering moronically over the top of a computer and he’s staring at me out of my news reader and I don’t like it. [Update: Argh! It gets worse.] [Update: The short-form “Teaser” feeds are back. Thanks InfoWorld!] ...
Strom on RSS Apps · David Strom publishes the only email newsletter I still read, Web Informant; his latest number is about innovative applications of RSS. There’ll be few surprises there for most ongoing readers, but it’s a useful little assemblage.
Good News, Bad News · Sigh; I’ve had multiple journalists on the phone, wanting to find out “what’s really going on” with the IETF, the W3C, and Atom. They’re just looking for a good story (good along the lines of if it bleeds, it leads) and I’m doing my best not to give them that kind. I gather they’re all calling Dave too, maybe they’ll have more luck with him. People, this is not a big deal; it’ll go one way or another, nobody in the Atom community will care that much, and neither standards organization will lose any sleep; this is the one issue in the history of syndication technology that nobody’s getting very emotional over. Oh yes, the good news: one of the journos was Sean Gallagher from eWeek, and he’s got a pretty good blog; subscribed.
Bye, CNet · CNet (“News.com”) has recently switched to headline-only feeds. I certainly don’t require (and don’t provide) full-content feeds, but the headlines just don’t tell me enough to make a decision whether or not to visit. So I unsubscribed. It’s a pity, because they are a good news source. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place?
Making Sun Policy · Today I’m posting the new Sun Policy on Public Discourse; this companion piece describes how we built it ...
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