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Sun/Oracle Strategy Session · I’m live-tweeting the ses­sion, but Twit­ter is in trou­ble, I don’t see anyone’s tweets but my own, and I guess mine are go­ing in­to a black hole for most peo­ple who fol­low me. There is some news here, which you can see (I be­lieve) by keep­ing an eye on @tim­bray.
The EU and MySQL · [Dis­clo­sure: I have no non-public in­for­ma­tion on any of the MySQL-related as­pects of the Sun/Or­a­cle trans­ac­tion, nor on the cur­rent anti-trust re­view, and I am not speak­ing for any­one but my­self.] My guess is that the EU will even­tu­al­ly con­clude that it would be very dif­fi­cult for Or­a­cle to kill or crip­ple MySQL, even if they want­ed to. I think the more in­ter­est­ing ques­tion is whether Or­a­cle can turn MySQL from a use­ful tech­nol­o­gy in­to an in­ter­est­ing busi­ness, some­thing that in my opin­ion it’s nev­er been. What I’m wor­ried about, though, are un­in­tend­ed side-effects ...
OOW 09 Take-Aways · Of­fi­cial­ly, I was at Or­a­cle Open World to preach about cloud­s. My per­son­al goal was to lis­ten and learn. Here’s what I’m com­ing away with ...
Cloud @OOW · On Day Two of Or­a­cle Open World 2009, San Fran­cis­co awoke to an apoc­a­lyp­tic rain­storm. The word around the con­fer­ence: “That’ll teach Lar­ry not to diss clouds” ...
OOW 2009 Day 2 · Fur­ther re­ports from a tribe not my own that speaks a lan­guage I have to work to un­der­stand. But I do like com­put­er­s, and the trade-show floors (note plu­ral) are be­yond vast and have lots of ’em on dis­play, so there are some big-iron pix in among the tourist nar­ra­tive ...
Big Red · Which is to say, Or­a­cle Open World. Ex­treme­ly big. Ex­treme­ly red ...
OOW Next Week · Yep, I’m go­ing to be at Or­a­cle Open World next week. It’s way big­ger than JavaOne, they tell me; the mind bog­gles ...
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