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Arachnids · Spi­ders in au­tumn
fat­ter, slow­er, re­treat­ing
hun­gry thoughts of spring
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Haiku · Pale ear­ly sum­mer
wind full of ap­ple blos­soms
gut­ters brim with pink.

Tab Sweep — The World · Yes, I’ve been post­ing few­er sub­stan­tive orig­i­nal pieces here. Work­ing on a cou­ple of things that aren’t very pub­lic, and al­so feel­ing itchy be­cause what was rad­i­cal three years ago has be­come con­ven­tion­al wis­dom, which leaves me feel­ing emp­ty and in need of some­thing rad­i­cal. To­day an amus­ing an­tique cam­er­a, Ira­ni­an video, where we wen­t, nine days of win­ter, and what hap­pens when everything’s free? ...
I Noticed · (While stand­ing on the front steps at first light, blink­ing ba­by in my arm­s.)
  Same street
  same trees
  same leaves
  same wind.
  Different sound:

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