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Hey Joe · Wow, Strummer died. That one hits close to home, there was a time when the Clash was The Only Band That Mattered, and don’t you forget it. I can remember in 1982 going on advanced nondisclosured training on DEC’s new database product, and the people in the test database were Joe Strummer and Mick Jones and so on, and a very few of us shared private chuckles with the engineers, we were the in-crowd. Herewith a ten-year-old essay on those times, with the Clash at its centre ...
Dixie Chicks and Gene · I have this friend Len who really needs a blog but doesn't have one, that's OK because I've published his correspondence before. Herewith some amusing discourse for the weekend. Warning: contains a rock & roll anecdote that is in extremely callous bad taste. ...
Drive 46 · “Forty-six days it's been raining.” said Shannon when she came to work this morning; that sunny day was just a teaser I guess. Let's assume that whoever wrote this was right about that promise in the last verse. But the car is dry inside and the music is on ...
Rock & Roll Radio(head) · I was driving around today listening to the local modern-rock station (104.9 XFM, but their website won't work on Mac browsers, bah), and I had a real teenage moment. The DJ had got his hands on a bootleg of Radiohead's Hail to the Thief, to be released June 9, and was playing the tracks as fast as he could one after another, saying he'd been told there was an incoming cease-and-desist. Radio normally isn't like this any more, what a pity ...
Vedderism · I was driving around listening to the modern-rock radio station, and there were three singers on in ten minutes with low-pitched chesty voices, and I was wondering “why does everybody sound like Eddie Vedder?” ...
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