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Hey Joe · Wow, Strum­mer died. That one hits close to home, there was a time when the Clash was The On­ly Band That Mat­tered, and don’t you for­get it. I can re­mem­ber in 1982 go­ing on ad­vanced nondis­clo­sured train­ing on DEC’s new database pro­duc­t, and the peo­ple in the test database were Joe Strum­mer and Mick Jones and so on, and a very few of us shared pri­vate chuck­les with the en­gi­neer­s, we were the in-crowd. Here­with a ten-year-old es­say on those times, with the Clash at its cen­tre ...
Dixie Chicks and Gene · I have this friend Len who re­al­ly needs a blog but doesn't have one, that's OK be­cause I've pub­lished his cor­re­spon­dence be­fore. Here­with some amus­ing dis­course for the week­end. Warn­ing: con­tains a rock & roll anec­dote that is in ex­treme­ly cal­lous bad taste. ...
Drive 46 · “Forty-six days it's been raining.” said Shan­non when she came to work this morn­ing; that sun­ny day was just a teas­er I guess. Let's as­sume that who­ev­er wrote this was right about that promise in the last verse. But the car is dry in­side and the mu­sic is on ...
Rock & Roll Radio(head) · I was driv­ing around to­day lis­ten­ing to the lo­cal modern-rock sta­tion (104.9 XFM, but their web­site won't work on Mac browser­s, bah), and I had a re­al teenage mo­men­t. The DJ had got his hands on a boot­leg of Radiohead's Hail to the Thief, to be re­leased June 9, and was play­ing the tracks as fast as he could one af­ter an­oth­er, say­ing he'd been told there was an in­com­ing cease-and-desist. Ra­dio nor­mal­ly isn't like this any more, what a pity ...
Vedderism · I was driv­ing around lis­ten­ing to the modern-rock ra­dio sta­tion, and there were three singers on in ten min­utes with low-pitched chesty voic­es, and I was won­der­ing “why does ev­ery­body sound like Ed­die Vedder?” ...
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