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This is my least favorite of the seasons, because I can’t help thinking of the looming cold and dark. This weekend — when the timeshift robs us of an hour of late light — feels particularly onerous. But you have to admire those trees.

Autumn Yellow

I’m still shooting with the the Fujifilm X-T30. My honeymoon with this eighteen-month-old camera is somewhat over. I miss the mammoth electronic viewfinder of the flagship X-T models and the minimal grace of the X-E models. For pictures like the ones in this fragment, I think of the mighty GFX100 and big poster-sized prints. Except for, Lightroom Classic on the Mac is painful enough with these 26-MPixel shots.

Autumn Yellow

Having said all that, the X-T30 with a couple of the smaller X-series lenses makes for a damn light camera-bag. Today I was out with just the two lenses I bought with my first Fujifilm back in 2013, the 35mm and 18-55mm zoom. It’d be hard to think of an autumn-trees photo opportunity where I would have wanted anything else.

Also, the X-T30 looks cool. This afternoon some people chatting in their front yard saw me coming with the camera. One was saying to the others about how he’d been shooting leaves too earlier that day, then when I got nearer said “Oh, wow, a real film camera!” with that endearing “fillum” pronunciation. I smiled and said no, it’s modern, just a bit retro looking, and we exchanged a few socially-distanced words.

Autumn Yellow

Wooden arch!
(Please ignore the wires.)

News · Flow through this blog is apt to be a bit disrupted because, um, I’m trying to write a book. When I became briefly infamous back in May, I got outreach from publishers and literary agents along the lines of “Wow, you write a lot. How about a book?” As of now I have about a third of a book’s worth of Word files and am about halfway to convincing myself that something good potentially exists of which they’re a part. That’s all I’m saying about it for now.


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From: Paul Morriss (Nov 02 2020, at 08:39)

A book! Very cool.


From: Nathanaël Havez (Nov 05 2020, at 12:11)

Be sure that I'll get your book when it's released.


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