I was out the oth­er day shoot­ing signs of spring; there was this garage, and it was pret­ty too.

Regina, Saskatchewan garage in color-corrected light turquoise

Color part­ly by some paint com­pa­ny, aug­ment­ed by
quite a few years of Prairie weath­er. Isn’t it pret­ty?

The rea­son I’m writ­ing this is that it’s the first time in years I’ve had to put sig­nif­i­cant work in­to col­or re­pair on a Fu­ji­film pic. Be­cause the ver­sion above looks just like what I saw. But out of the cam­er­a, it looked like this:

Regina, Saskatchewan garage in light turquoise, no color correction

Back in my Pen­tax days, I got pret­ty slick with the Light­room white-balance ap­pa­ra­tus, which is it­self pret­ty slick. But in my four Fu­ji­film years I’m not sure I’ve touched them.

Wel­l, I did on that one. It didn’t work; I found an­oth­er way:

  1. White bal­ance: as shot.

  2. Ex­po­sure: -0.25 (fight that glare).

  3. High­light­s: -15 (fight some more).

  4. Shad­ows: +10 (boost the shady side).

  5. Sat­u­ra­tion: +33 (the col­ors weren’t wrong, they were just washed-out).

  6. Blue: -20 (sky was overex­cit­ed). At this point things were bet­ter but still not what I’d seen. Time for the se­cret weapon.

  7. Pro­file: Velvi­a/VIVID (s­miles).

I don’t know who it was at Fu­ji­film and Adobe that got those film treat­ments in­to Light­room, but I sure owe them thanks. I don’t use one that of­ten, but so great to have it.


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From: Bradley (Mar 21 2017, at 19:54)

Just a hunch, but that looks like a color likely to be at the edge or outside of the color gamut of sRGB. Even if you're shooting+editing in wider spaces like Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB, it could be pushing the limits of your display (which I'm assuming isn't 100% coverage of any of the above, unless you're well invested in display tech).


From: tedder (Mar 21 2017, at 21:01)

literal bikeshedding :)


From: Kevin Marks (Mar 22 2017, at 00:50)

Have you tried the android camera app Vignette that has these kinds of film profiles instead of coy place-names names like instagram?


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