Most places know four sea­son­s, but for the most in­tense ex­pe­ri­ence of spring you re­al­ly come Up North. I’m in Saskatchewan vis­it­ing my Mom, went for a short walk in the park be­hind her house, and came back with pic­tures of the ex­pe­ri­ence.

Most ob­vi­ous­ly, the snow is re­treat­ing.

Prairie spring - retreating snow

With the melt­ing and freez­ing of ear­ly spring, some of the snow is now crumbly pud­dled ice, which is melt­ing in the cold March sun, and faster giv­en an ex­cuse.

Leaf melts spring ice in the prairie spring

An ex­cuse for a lit­tle Physics Mo­ment with my ten-year-old: “Hey girl, why did the ice melt over the leaf?”

But that ice is be­ing at­tacked from be­low as above; see the blades of grass strain­ing away? Some green is al­ready show­ing.

Prairie ice melting in spring

That ice, it’s a treat for the eye as it melt­s.

Melting snow on the prairies in spring

Hav­ing said that, it’s still not much above 0°C and there’s a brisk wind. But at 50.45° N, the on­com­ing spring is not to be de­nied.


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