Week ending Sunday 2014/09/28

Monday 10:18 · Oracle is hurting: www.techrepublic.com/article/two-new-ceos-dont-add-up-to-meaningful-change-at-oracle/ Now it can be said: Buying Sun was a bonehead move based on Scott/Larry being golf buddies. [Original.]

Monday 10:25 · RT @authzero: mugs are here! ☕️ [Original.]

Monday 10:47 · I have to say, @simplysecureorg looks awesome. Where’s the “we’re hiring” page? [Original.]

Monday 11:15 · My keyring now has a YubiKey Neo on it. Early days for this tech, but huge potential I think. [Original.]

Monday 12:07 · @lmedinas You have to buy a $10 helper app on OS X. [Original, responding to @lmedinas.]

Monday 12:54 · I find the Android Twitter client confusing, can't track conversations, so... [Original.]

Monday 12:55 · ... I was happy when it popped up a little rate-me dialogue, and when I gave a low rating, it asked if I wanted to say why... [Original.]

Monday 12:56 · ... I did, so it opened an email to a Google group to fill in the feedback... [Original.]

Monday 12:57 · ... which bounced because I'm not authorized to post to that group. Sigh. [Original.]

Monday 15:30 · So, gpg comes with Yubikey integration (via ISO 7816) and you can do crypto with a short PIN, no dorky passprase. Nifty! Will write up. [Original.]

Monday 15:39 · @mnot The big win is on mobile, where typing passphrases is a non-starter. But NFC is required. [Original, responding to @mnot.]

Monday 15:41 · @mnot No fruit. Current policy is that their NFC is for Apple Pay only. No general-purpose API. [Original, responding to @mnot.]

Monday 15:45 · @bryantcutler Surely just a matter of volume? At scale, you’d think mfg cost would be pennies. [Original, responding to @bryantcutler.]

Tuesday 07:15 · RT @mattcutts: Rackspace takes on another patent troll and wins again: Seriously great, pro-user way to burnish thei… [Original.]

Tuesday 07:54 · @m_eiman Yeah, the Yubi did USB & NFC but no BT. I wonder why. Perhaps so it needs no power supply? It’s super-rugged. [Original, responding to @m_eiman.]

Tuesday 08:31 · So hard to believe, in 2014, that Westerners dropping bombs anywhere in the Middle East can really improve anything. [Original.]

Tuesday 09:53 · @m_eiman No, NFC works passively, takes power from the active side. [Original, responding to @m_eiman.]

Tuesday 09:53 · @m_eiman But I bet you’re right, the issue with BT is security related. [Original, responding to @m_eiman.]

Tuesday 10:20 · @m_eiman Yep. This usage works with passive. To generate keys, you have to plug it into the USB though. [Original, responding to @m_eiman.]

Wednesday 02:16 · So, in most airports, the only headphones you can buy are the ones that @marcoarment says are shit. [Original.]

Wednesday 06:31 · On Lebara SIM in Denmark, there are 4 different sets of conflicting APN settings on the Internet and NONE OF THEM WORK on my Nexus 7. [Original.]

Wednesday 07:40 · Verifying myself: I am timbray on Keybase.io. mYtwxAgG1YgW2_x1s5sIC7ESTLN_xEcnZbe3 / https://t.co/jRESTpJ01f [Original.]

Wednesday 08:01 · @MayhemBCN Android? Did you have to enter an APN? [Original, responding to @MayhemBCN.]

Wednesday 08:01 · @sressler Need an email for you [Original, responding to @sressler.]

Wednesday 08:33 · @MayhemBCN No, no data. Maybe I bought the wrong SIM :( [Original, responding to @MayhemBCN.]

Wednesday 08:54 · @nelson Testing new key mechanisms [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Wednesday 09:04 · @KeybaseIO Verifying myself: I am timbray on Keybase.io. PrSlF-hhEWjDVDBf0uy-HN0DLiF_54UBayF2 / https://t.co/4W1UxgU45F [Original, responding to @KeybaseIO.]

Wednesday 09:40 · @MayhemBCN Gotta rehearse & debug demos.😢 [Original, responding to @MayhemBCN.]

Wednesday 09:40 · @MayhemBCN But where? [Original, responding to @MayhemBCN.]

Wednesday 22:35 · @fredjean Nothing. I’m testing using Keybase.io with a new key tied to a yubikey hardware token. Works great! [Original, responding to @fredjean.]

Wednesday 23:40 · RT @BR3NDA: I daydreamed that twitter removed the character limit and our lives were forever altered and so much tldr [Original.]

Thursday 04:14 · @kriswager I don’t distance myself from it, I just point out that, in 2014, 1996 inventions aren’t very interesting. [Original, responding to @kriswager.]

Thursday 04:16 · @chuq Hoping the staff aren’t pale-skinned and avoid mirrors… [Original, responding to @chuq.]

Thursday 04:50 · Every time I look at Elixir code I get a warm stretchy feeling in my brain. In this case, @josevalim at #gotocph [Original.]

Friday 02:27 · @swardley Paper books? [Original, responding to @swardley.]

Friday 02:28 · @swardley Mine too, but almost exclusively via Kindle app on N7. [Original, responding to @swardley.]

Friday 04:06 · RT @TimOBrien: Michael Lewis: The secret Goldman Sachs tapes dy.si/Jqui [Original.]

Friday 06:21 · RT @bradfitz: "Want to know how well your tweets are performing?" Nope. They're not performing. They're just chillin'. [Original.]

Friday 15:35 · Hey hello I’m on ello I guess I’m more hip now then? [Original.]

Saturday 07:28 · A love letter to my current computer, with tugboats. https://t.co/o8E9Yu6hIm [Original.]

Saturday 11:23 · There may be an interesting locally-made beer in Denmark, but I haven't found it yet. [Original.]

Saturday 12:29 · Trying a double IPA at Mikkeller... Quite competent. Thanks Twitter advisors! [Original.]

Sunday 00:46 · Demographer @conradhackett’s twitter feed is astonishing. [Original.]

Sunday 00:53 · If you can read Armenian, could you reply to this? I need a small favour. Thanks in advance. [Original.]

Sunday 02:00 · Feeling inspired by the brave people of HongKong. #OccupyCentral [Original.]

Sunday 02:02 · Yahoo’s shutting down its directory. Few will remember what a big deal that used to be. “Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle.” [Original.]

Sunday 02:03 · BTW, Bitcoin’s down by a third or so since earlier this year. Doesn’t seem to be news… [Original.]

Sunday 02:19 · @konklone Woah… thanks for pointing that out. Weird/bad indeed. [Original, responding to @konklone.]

Sunday 05:50 · RT @markmackinnon: RT @wu_venus: Tens of thousands still occupying main road in HK. Banner says "protect HK. We refuse a downfall." [Original.]

Sunday 15:15 · Woah, Google dumped ALEC. Seriously, that's excellent. #applause [Original.]

Sunday 22:32 · RT @SwiftOnSecurity: I want you to imagine someone for me. Her name is Jessica. Is she the idiot, or the victim? swiftonsecurity.tumblr.com/post/98675308034/a-story-about-jessica #in… [Original.]

Sunday 23:28 · O hai #gotoaar [Original.]

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