Week ending Sunday 2014/09/14

Monday 07:56 · RT @csoghoian: The only thing I want to purchase from Twitter is a pro-account with no sponsored tweets. Take my money, please. [Original.]

Monday 08:56 · I’d pay Twitter for: (a) I curate my stream (b) Open API, I pick client. “Fat pipe, always on, get out of the way.” [Original.]

Monday 09:10 · Vitamin supplements don’t work: fivethirtyeight.com/features/dont-take-your-vitamins/ [Our family dropped them a couple years ago.] [Original.]

Monday 09:16 · @BWJones OK, but the assertion that “supplements are useless” remains correct. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Monday 09:24 · @ramimassoud Show us the data. [Original, responding to @ramimassoud.]

Monday 10:16 · @kaler It’s like our kids, one each boy/girl. 100% correlation on gender-linked-behaviour observations! [Original, responding to @kaler.]

Monday 10:28 · @kaler BTW I’ve read that amount of skin pigment correlates negatively with Vitamin-D generation. So dark-skinned folk might benefit more. [Original, responding to @kaler.]

Monday 10:49 · @chadbarb Try reading the linked piece. [Original, responding to @chadbarb.]

Monday 13:16 · My favorite little privacy-centric Open-source project; keep an eye on it! www.openkeychain.org/openkeychain-2-9-1/ [Original.]

Monday 13:53 · @chadbarb I thought the article specifically referenced folic’s benefits in pregnancy, but maybe that was one of the linked pieces. [Original, responding to @chadbarb.]

Monday 16:07 · RT @charlesarthur: Home Depot customers who only ever paid using NFC need not worry about the card breach. (NFC explanation: t.co/Mv… [Original.]

Tuesday 13:42 · Payments? Meh. But Apple getting out of the way of ubiquitous NFC feels like a really big deal. Lots of nice non-payment applications. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:43 · Of course, I’m assuming there’ll be a sane general-purpose NFC API in iOS.next. Did they say anything on that? [Original.]

Tuesday 13:44 · @darkuncle Google *did*; almost all Androids have had NFC for a while. But Apple was a blocking factor. [Original, responding to @darkuncle.]

Tuesday 14:10 · Why Apple should publish NFC APIs: https://t.co/uWB8d2RR7c [Original.]

Tuesday 14:14 · @evanpro NFC is too short-range to be much use for spying [Original, responding to @evanpro.]

Tuesday 15:06 · @cimota Oops, sorry if it read that way. Google checkout/wallet have big problems. I *have* been mad at Apple for not shipping NFC though. [Original, responding to @cimota.]

Tuesday 15:11 · @cimota There are tech probs on the G side too :) “obscure and contrived”… Expand on that pls, NFC tech seems reasonably sane to me. [Original, responding to @cimota.]

Tuesday 15:15 · @cimota I like BTLE but (last time I looked) NFC cheaper. Also, BTLE doesn’t require *close* proximity, which is a plus for some apps. [Original, responding to @cimota.]

Tuesday 15:18 · @cimota Fair enough; I’ll see if your opinion changes when you’ve had some hands-on with tap-to-interchange. [Original, responding to @cimota.]

Tuesday 15:22 · @DJDwanjrr details please? I assume you know about the NFC secure element stuff. [Original, responding to @DJDwanjrr.]

Tuesday 19:40 · RT @rands: I really hate the word phablet. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:32 · Microsoft Azure climbs on board the OAuth 2/OpenID Connect train: blogs.technet.com/b/ad/archive/2014/09/09/openid-connect-and-oauth-2-0-support-in-azure-active-directory-has-ga-d.aspx Good stuff! [Original.]

Wednesday 12:37 · I keep hearing the same no-privacy-needed arguments. So I drafted “Privacy Choices for Internet Data Services” https://t.co/xVd7w4Yua0 [Original.]

Thursday 07:15 · RT @ggreenwald: 13 years after 9/11, the "Global War on Terror" is still raging: sprawling & extremist. And as far away from an end as ever… [Original.]

Thursday 08:03 · On That Anniversary, a plug for Jason Burke's "9/11 Wars", essential reading on the what/who/why. www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/12/01/9-11-Wars [Original.]

Thursday 10:37 · Hm, Gmail’s started sending a few regular commercial emails I get that I'm OK with to spam. E.g. TripAdvisor, WebVisions. [Original.]

Thursday 10:43 · Benedict Evans: “Android and iPhone started in quite different places and have converged over the past 5 years.” ben-evans.com/benedictevans/2014/9/10/iphone6 [Original.]

Thursday 13:51 · export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-Dfile.encoding=UTF8 [Original.]

Thursday 18:17 · RT @gnat: And bogans think a car on blocks is badass. RT @rone Abandoned Supersonic TU-144 in a Russian backyard. [Original.]

Thursday 23:02 · @c_pruett I believe they don’t breed in captivity. [Original, responding to @c_pruett.]

Friday 08:45 · I love the smell of a big pull request in the morning… [Original.]

Friday 09:12 · RT @PDChina: 19 surveillance cameras were seen installed in a junction in Qingdao; Vehicles crossing there all obey rules t.co/M28HV… [Original.]

Friday 09:31 · @jpatanooga I actually think People’s Daily was cracking a little joke there… [Original, responding to @jpatanooga.]

Friday 09:48 · @jpatanooga Well, they’re not usually a source of humor. I did a double-take myself. [Original, responding to @jpatanooga.]

Friday 09:50 · 9/11 was an anomaly, not a trend: talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/youll-want-to-read-this [Original.]

Friday 10:35 · Remarkable pix of the Bardarbunga eruption: mashable.com/2014/09/11/iceland-bardabunga-volcano-eruption-photos/?utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-All-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-All-Partial&utm_medium=feed&utm_source=feedly&utm_reader=feedly [Original.]

Friday 11:18 · Turns out the new Fujifilm “Classic Chrome” setting is trying to look like Kodachrome: petapixel.com/2014/09/10/classic-chrome-film-simulation-sleeper-feature-new-x100t/ [Original.]

Friday 11:36 · @nelson The trains work great, are cheap, and are terrific for playing Ingress from. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Friday 11:53 · @ghaff Agreed. I find the Velvia setting in Lr unusable. But I was a total Kodachrome junkie in film days, so I’m optimistic. [Original, responding to @ghaff.]

Friday 13:21 · Wow, wild variation in measured effectiveness of USB charging cables: https://t.co/LrceOwR2bK [Original.]

Friday 15:32 · Wow, I just tried out an idea for a neat visual effect in raw low-level CSS and it worked FIRST TIME. Better grab a lottery ticket… [Original.]

Friday 17:12 · @slant If you get a half-day, take the train down to Kamakura for a beer and a visit to the Great Buddha. [Original, responding to @slant.]

Friday 17:30 · Internet radio station is marketing for a tequila company, blessed by Billy Gibbon. Not bad, either: www.rfcmedia.com/rfcmedia/RadioPuraVida [Original.]

Friday 18:42 · RT @MayorGregor: Very disappointed that #CP walked away from making a fair deal for the #ArbutusCorridor. #Vancouver won’t be bullied. [Original.]

Friday 18:58 · A paean to medium-format from Zack Arias; he’s always worth reading. dedpxl.comhttp/dedpxl.com/when-will-medium-format-return [Original.]

Friday 18:59 · @BramStolk Canada has given way too much to the railway companies since the 1860s; I’m in the city’s corner on this one. [Original, responding to @BramStolk.]

Friday 19:10 · A pretty good evening for watching West-coast baseball (which in 2014 is the best baseball). [Original.]

Friday 19:46 · @synapticimpulse If you haven’t learned “shukran” yet… it means “thank you”. Might be useful. [Original, responding to @synapticimpulse.]

Friday 19:58 · Vancouver tourist attraction (temporary): www.jwz.org/blog/2014/09/naked-saluting-satan-statue-removed-from-vancouver-park/ [Original.]

Friday 20:18 · @synapticimpulse rhymes with "nuke ran" [Original, responding to @synapticimpulse.]

Friday 20:34 · @synapticimpulse I grew up in Lebanon. [Original, responding to @synapticimpulse.]

Friday 22:01 · @BramStolk This is a commercial dispute over the value of land. I’m on the city’s side. [Original, responding to @BramStolk.]

Friday 22:06 · In which there are pix of trees, pretty enough to motivate me to revamp the photo-styling on the blog: https://t.co/yQd6D8Zuab [Original.]

Friday 22:21 · CP got the land grants 100+ years ago in a crazily corrupt process, have made out like bandits, I shed no tears if they take a haircut now. [Original.]

Friday 22:51 · @dnaltews A company whose name begins with G used to pay Sun big bucks to include a toolbar with the JRE… [Original, responding to @dnaltews.]

Saturday 20:33 · @bodil I knew there had to be an end_all_monads monad. Just knew it. [Original, responding to @bodil.]

Sunday 00:18 · RT @alexwh: @timbray Ah! The wonders of image degradation in med format. blog.alexwaterhousehayward.com/2014/09/the-wonders-of-image-degradation.html [Original.]

Sunday 00:26 · RT @EricaJoy: Gender as a text field, not a select box or radio buttons. Discovering this just lifted my spirits ten-fold. t.co/wSA… [Original.]

Sunday 01:20 · @Pete_Brown Yeah, free text is just useless noise… everything should be numbers amirite? [Original, responding to @Pete_Brown.]

Sunday 09:14 · Investigating some tricks for making images published online look better in the retina-screens era: https://t.co/XN8uyxWhSR [Original.]

Sunday 10:07 · @MarkNijhof I see code landing. Over the years I’ve been blogging, all sorts of useful new stuff has arrived that works well cross-browser. [Original, responding to @MarkNijhof.]

Sunday 10:08 · @davegardnerisme “favoured by Apple” is perhaps not a huge badge of honour for server-side technology… [Original, responding to @davegardnerisme.]

Sunday 10:42 · @MarkNijhof The proportion of self-updating browsers is growing. I notice CSS stuff in particular spreads super-fast. [Original, responding to @MarkNijhof.]

Sunday 11:56 · So… is the NFL doomed? [Original.]

Sunday 13:00 · @koush Well, and the domestic-violence thing, and the racist-owners thing. But the busted-brains thing smells like fatal litigation hell… [Original, responding to @koush.]

Sunday 13:09 · That John Mayberry who just hit the #BlueJays home run? 9 years ago, I blogged about him in class-A ball: https://t.co/OPth0V3w9G [Original.]

Sunday 13:18 · There’s a bracing excerpt from @PennyRed’s “Unspeakable Things” at Salon: www.salon.com/2014/09/14/mainstream_feminism_is_tepid_and_cowardly_work_sex_race_having_it_all_and_true_liberation/ [better still, read the whole book.] [Original.]

Sunday 20:33 · @romainguy @dnaltews You guys gonna build another mobile OS/GUI & get it right this time? <snicker> [Original, responding to @romainguy.]

Sunday 20:41 · RT @ID_AA_Carmack: It will be interesting to watch the engineering cultural changes with respect to optimization when Moore's law finally g… [Original.]

Sunday 21:06 · @rklau Crap, I turned the game off in the 3rd quarter because Chicago looked so ineffectual… [Original, responding to @rklau.]

Sunday 21:15 · Very thoughtful stuff from @kissane on how to use Twitter wisely: incisive.nu/2014/ditching-twitter/?utm_source=digg [Original.]

Sunday 23:18 · When you flip a pic into b&w in Lightroom, there’s this powerful all-pastel optical illusion for a couple of seconds; poor brain. [Original.]

Sunday 23:21 · RT @thisisaaronland: service level agreements / for desire [Original.]

Sunday 23:27 · @ErrataRob USA.setTrollCount(USA.getTrollCount() - 1); [Original, responding to @ErrataRob.]

Sunday 23:34 · Sometimes it’s really not obvious which to pick. [Original.]

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