Week ending Sunday 2014/09/07

Monday 07:56 · tox.im/ is a Skype-alike open-source project. Good luck to ’em. [Original.]

Monday 08:34 · RT @blaine: This is fantastic: thenicestplaceontheinter.net/ More like this, please, Internet. [Original.]

Monday 09:18 · Just changed Open Street Map for the first time (inserted a missing street & park just around the corner from me). Fun! [Original.]

Monday 09:52 · Hey @christyclarkbc, my 8-year-old daughter is crying because she has no school tomorrow. #bced [Original.]

Monday 09:55 · RT @mjasay: If programming languages were weapons bjorn.tipling.com/if-programming-languages-were-weapons [Original.]

Monday 10:00 · @technologypoet I’ve long regretted using .org not .net for my vanity domain. [Original, responding to @technologypoet.]

Monday 10:02 · RT @atduskgreg: The idea that serif type faces are more readable is a myth. Interesting overview of the scientific evidence: t.co/hi… [Original.]

Monday 11:06 · RT @canadiancynic: Wherein @christyclarkbc tries to sucker the voters, and gets ripped several new assholes in the process, https://t.co/y3… [Original.]

Monday 11:35 · Doesn’t look like our kids are going back to school any time soon. www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-teachers-strike-premier-s-tweets-blaming-teachers-add-fuel-to-fire-1.2752335?cmp=rss [Original.]

Monday 11:48 · @segphault Industry peeps I know seem to like Authy and https://t.co/nX6wEesiYg [Original, responding to @segphault.]

Monday 12:09 · Every time I use exiftool I’m shocked by the amount of stuff lurking behind the pixels. [Original.]

Monday 12:10 · @swardley Don’t bother. It defies reason. The only audience you understand is you. Write what wants to be written. [Original, responding to @swardley.]

Monday 12:22 · The astonishing clarity of decades-old 50mm primes. Nice Vancouver afternoon, too. [Original.]

Monday 12:27 · @eljojo SMC Pentax-M 1:1.4 50mm. Can’r remember what aperture I used :) [Original, responding to @eljojo.]

Monday 12:31 · I batch-shrink pix for my blog with ImageMagick “convert”. But now want better quality/sharpness. Recommendations? [Original.]

Monday 13:59 · @steveklabnik Evidence on that point is very shaky. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Monday 16:16 · @gravbeast @steveklabnik I mean (a) haven’t seen quantitative data, and (b) Facebook & WordPress & Wikipedia substantially built in PHP. [Original, responding to @gravbeast.]

Monday 17:21 · Occupation is a filthy, stinky business (but with surprises): www.jonathan-cook.net/blog/2014-09-02/when-the-occupation-machine-falls-off-a-cliff/ [Original.]

Monday 18:18 · I pay many tax $ to the BC govt every year. In exchange I expect them to provide education for my children. What am I missing? #bced [Original.]

Monday 19:31 · RT @TheRickWilson: The Kurds know how to play the game. They've captured an ISIS bomber and said this: pullquote.com/pqhttp://pllqt.it/k6ZSvF t.co/… [Original.]

Monday 19:37 · @colbycosh Best expressed in the heroic dry-hopped craft-brewed IPAs of the Pacific Northwest. BTW, is your life worth living? [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Monday 19:48 · I just visited flickr for the first time in, uh, some years. It’s not terrible. [Original.]

Tuesday 09:26 · RT @michaelgorsuch: Be the README.md that you want to see in the world. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:02 · @adymitruk SMC Pentax-M 1:1.4 50mm [Original, responding to @adymitruk.]

Tuesday 11:10 · In which reading @PennyRed’s “Unspeakable Things” provokes a way-too-long rant: https://t.co/3jNW2oYLPH [The book is excellent!] [Original.]

Tuesday 14:48 · RT @maxtaco: The most recent SSL library release (1.0.1i) is signed only by frodo@baggins.org https://t.co/r05l77be5D [Original.]

Tuesday 16:53 · Hm, @Richard_Kadrey readers know what’s REALLY going on in LA: www.nytimes.com/2014/09/02/us/pipes-roads-and-walks-crack-as-los-angeles-defers-repairs.html?smid=tw-share [Original.]

Tuesday 20:30 · @anildash BTW www.google.com/work redirects to t.co/V48DeAvPcI. Sort of obscurely funny. [Original, responding to @anildash.]

Tuesday 20:37 · Kershaw! [Original.]

Wednesday 09:15 · I actually had plans for this morning, then I glanced at xkcd.com/1416/ [Original.]

Wednesday 09:16 · RT @raganwald: Blocking copy-paste in the password confirm dialog fucks with password managers. Law: You cannot increase security by takin… [Original.]

Wednesday 10:26 · A peek at some of the 3D-video software behind that Samsung Gear VR thing: https://t.co/BTvXdHWgxJ [Original.]

Wednesday 11:29 · @realdavidguest What is this “slashdot” of which you speak? [Original, responding to @realdavidguest.]

Wednesday 15:34 · Palestinian anti-IS satire. Not the subtlest thing ever… https://t.co/8RXzU9p5mg [Original.]

Thursday 00:34 · RT @TheBlazeHotList: @joe_warmington Soviet propaganda film unearthed by Scorsese. Watch for hotel bikini party panning shot. Gorgeous. htt… [Original.]

Thursday 01:01 · RT @notabadslime: "If we could just get more girls coding from an early age," they said, as yet another woman in tech had to flee her home … [Original.]

Thursday 08:27 · Lightroom’s Web Gallery export hasn’t been improved in years, or am I missing something? [Original.]

Thursday 08:31 · @chuq Woah, didn’t know about that site. Thanks! [Original, responding to @chuq.]

Thursday 08:53 · RT @chuq: @timbray there are other options, for instance www.photographers-toolbox.com -- used both Elegance and Impact at times. [Original.]

Thursday 09:54 · Safeslinger is another private-messaging system, from CMU. Passes the initial sniff test: https://t.co/SeK9LnYWZ8 [Original.]

Thursday 10:31 · There are a LOT of fast useful easy things you can do if you’re not scared of the Terminal program on your Mac: furbo.org/2014/09/03/the-terminal/ [Original.]

Thursday 10:43 · It is SO totally past time to stop defaulting to sexist language: https://t.co/Z5D6vBq42k Please go read that. [Original.]

Thursday 10:46 · @joshbloch Agreed; there are other routes to the same end. But that piece is still good. [Original, responding to @joshbloch.]

Thursday 10:48 · @tekgrrl I suppose that’s forgivable, but ewwww [Original, responding to @tekgrrl.]

Thursday 11:30 · @tekgrrl One Direction. Ewwwwww [Original, responding to @tekgrrl.]

Thursday 11:31 · @steltenpower @eldarion @joshbloch It’d be cool if the ESL community started teaching this. [Original, responding to @steltenpower.]

Thursday 11:33 · I would be so, SO dead without my password manager. [Original.]

Thursday 11:42 · @dberlind time.com/3088934/password-alternatives-biometric-federated-two-step-sign-in/ [Original, responding to @dberlind.]

Thursday 11:53 · @npdoty I do that sometimes. But it doesn’t feel like the ideal solution, gender should be invisible except when it matters. [Original, responding to @npdoty.]

Thursday 11:56 · @dberlind in a federated world, who gets to be an IDP? Just Google and Facebook? [Original, responding to @dberlind.]

Thursday 12:01 · @dberlind Yeah, but it’s tough, cf the NASCAR problem. Right now, federation=G+FB. Ewwww [Original, responding to @dberlind.]

Thursday 13:34 · @dberlind “NASCAR page” refers to an app landing page with too many IDP logos on it, just like racing car stickers. Big branding problem. [Original, responding to @dberlind.]

Thursday 13:35 · @dberlind Liking Google is just fine. Having only two choices, both big US Internet companies, is not so good. [Original, responding to @dberlind.]

Thursday 13:37 · Emergency BC School strike meeting: davidebymla.ca/event/emergency-school-strike-meeting/?instance_id=67 [Original.]

Thursday 13:45 · @happyspork ssh, the anti-spam hides behind a cloud of fake error messages. Try refreshing www.tbray.org/atompub/ouch a few times. [Original, responding to @happyspork.]

Thursday 13:49 · @danielpunkass Windows have been used. [Original, responding to @danielpunkass.]

Thursday 15:38 · @mattcutts Enjoy the sunshine! Just here for a day I suppose [Original, responding to @mattcutts.]

Thursday 15:51 · @mattcutts Come back sometime, give us a little warming, and we’ll show you the actually interesting parts [Original, responding to @mattcutts.]

Thursday 16:21 · @gruber Enterprise-ready Markdown! [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Thursday 16:24 · On time I saw the acronym LGBTQ and thought “wouldn’t BLT/GQ be better?” No, it wouldn’t. But now it’s stuck in my brain. [Original.]

Thursday 16:30 · New .md name: SpaceUp, extension .su [Original.]

Thursday 17:03 · @tenderlove Watch out for torch-bearing mobs converging on your residence. [Original, responding to @tenderlove.]

Friday 08:23 · RT @sogrady: ICYMI | some thoughts on a potential developer backlash against fragmentation and complexity: redmonk.com/sogrady/2014/09/04/fragmentation-pendulum/ [Original.]

Friday 09:57 · An insider’s history of spam-fighting, and thoughts on its relation to privacy/encryption; tremendous stuff: https://t.co/kn3reUUAL5 [Original.]

Friday 14:21 · RT @doctorow: "Common Cause and more than 50 other advocacy groups this week called on Google to end its affiliation..." t.co/h0Ir5a… [Original.]

Friday 22:13 · Listening to Internet radio, a reggaeton station from Medellin. It’s good! What a world we live in… [Original.]

Friday 23:21 · Couple dusk shots from QE Park in Vancouver. [Original.]

Friday 23:25 · “El Mejor Reggaeton desde Medellin Colombia, la capital mundial del Genero. ” cheche-reggaeton-radio.playtheradio.com/ [Original.]

Friday 23:41 · RT @alexwh: My concours rant. blog.alexwaterhousehayward.com/2014/09/my-concurs-rant.html [What Alex said.] [Original.]

Friday 23:42 · Nazis vs gamblers #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly [Original.]

Friday 23:44 · Weird critters in the garden, and Mom has TB #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly [Original.]

Friday 23:49 · Four Japanese die, three live. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly [Original.]

Friday 23:53 · @b_judah Sorry, we already know what kind of regime this is. What are we missing? [Original, responding to @b_judah.]

Saturday 00:16 · She doesn’t know those shoes would take her out of this bad scene to where there’s no place like. #ExplainABadFilmPlotBadly [Original.]

Saturday 00:16 · @mattcutts Try drinking? [Original, responding to @mattcutts.]

Saturday 00:18 · @bodil Your search - dreadfultran3 - did not match any documents. [Original, responding to @bodil.]

Saturday 00:53 · RT @ScanBC: #Burnaby #RCMP are responding to 7700 18th Ave, Caller reports his neighbor is drunk and standing on his garage with knives in … [Original.]

Saturday 08:01 · @brixen Except for:1. See comments. 2. Higher-level languages probably even less controllable in what they leave behind. [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Saturday 08:52 · RT @NLNils: “@joestump: Dear @twitter friends, Not being able to send URLs over DM makes for an exceptionally shitty customer experience”< … [Original.]

Saturday 20:37 · @JohnB @pookleblinky @wirehead2501 Fists? We use bullwhips. [Original, responding to @JohnB.]

Saturday 21:31 · Anyone know of a way to get Lightroom from my Mac to my TV? ChromeCast? AppleTV? Plex? [Original.]

Saturday 22:05 · d’oh, or just run an HDMI across the room [Original.]

Saturday 22:06 · @ftrain First they came for the ELP fans. But I… wait I *was* an ELP fan. [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Sunday 10:08 · Architectural detail (Maiwa loft textile workshop) [Original.]

Sunday 16:59 · <picture> support everywhere this time next week pls? kthksby caniuse.com/#feat=picture [Original.]

Sunday 19:13 · My local sushi joint has had a change of ownership and subtly but unmistakably lost its edge. #pomotragedy [Original.]

Sunday 19:14 · RT @EmrgencyKittens: I'm a shark. [Original.]

Sunday 19:48 · Keep seeing posts from people who’ve apparently read @GreatDismal’s new book which won’t be available till late November. This seems wrong. [Original.]

Sunday 19:54 · RT @meyerweb: But of course: @GreatDismal’s new book is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed. [Original.]

Sunday 20:20 · @Stv Shiro [Original, responding to @Stv.]

Sunday 20:24 · @Stv Zipang is excellent. Never tried Hime, but will. [Original, responding to @Stv.]

Sunday 20:59 · RT @Carnage4Life: @femfreq & gaming press held up a mirror and gamers didn't like that. So they are breaking the mirror and the arms holdin… [Original.]

Sunday 22:52 · @c_pruett Photo-editing likewise. [Original, responding to @c_pruett.]

Sunday 23:18 · @howesoundbeer Great pic, but English Bay not Howe Sound :) [Original, responding to @howesoundbeer.]

Sunday 23:22 · @howesoundbeer There, that’s Howe Sound. [Original, responding to @howesoundbeer.]

Sunday 23:26 · @howesoundbeer Sounds good. [Original, responding to @howesoundbeer.]

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