Week ending Sunday 2014/07/06

Monday 00:31 · Seems sort of a big deal whether or not Iraq govt forces can push "IS Caliphate" out of Tikrit & Mosul. [Original.]

Monday 09:04 · World Cup 2014 — We Know Four, in which I ask “Did Robben dive?” https://t.co/EmqRV5spV1 [Original.]

Monday 11:05 · Meanwhile, at the philosophers’ World Cup: existentialcomics.com/comic/35 [Original.]

Monday 14:12 · In which I claim it’s nearly impossible for mere mortals to do message-crytpto in Java: https://t.co/u3nzYX2d2C [Original.]

Monday 14:17 · Boy, neither France nor Germany have looked that great today. #WorldCup [Original.]

Monday 14:42 · @javapapo Looks decent, but nothing about OpenPGP in the FAQ or ToC. [Original, responding to @javapapo.]

Monday 14:43 · #GERvsALG This is maybe the most entertaining game of the tournament so far. [Original.]

Monday 14:45 · @IsaacZaga This is way faster & more wide-open than that was. [Original, responding to @IsaacZaga.]

Monday 14:48 · @nelson the terms “simple” and “video editor” are not found in proximity to each other. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Monday 17:11 · @joneaves Hm… gpg command line is nice: “gpg decrypt foo foo.txt” An API like that would hit a huge 80/20 point. Possible? [Original, responding to @joneaves.]

Monday 17:17 · @joneaves Cool, thanks; will dig in. Anyone who provides such will get many thanks & bow-downs. [Original, responding to @joneaves.]

Monday 20:38 · Ansel Adams’ camera goes on auction next month: petapixel.com/2014/06/28/ansel-adamss-arca-swiss-4x5-camera-set-auctioned-next-month/ [Original.]

Tuesday 10:15 · @randomfrequency Oh right, for the payload, agreed. But ASCII-armored keys are so convenient & easy to fetch by HTTP etc. [Original, responding to @randomfrequency.]

Tuesday 10:22 · Email self-defence (from FSF [oops, said EFF]): https://t.co/gkqyXwg9VP [Original.]

Tuesday 10:22 · @shanecurcuru yep thanks [Original, responding to @shanecurcuru.]

Tuesday 10:29 · RT @lmirani: [Original.]

Tuesday 11:08 · #ARGvsSUI this was *not* what I was expecting. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:22 · #ARGvsSUI I hate to say it, but neither of these teams really deserve to advance. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:09 · The slow sad fade of the American working class: www.vqronline.org/reporting-articles/2014/06/losing-sparta [Original.]

Tuesday 13:22 · #BELvsUSA way more entertaining than that Arg-Sui snoozer. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:12 · USA got a little lucky there… [Original.]

Tuesday 17:15 · Canada day: Pitch & putt with son, World Cup, cycling with daughter, Yakiniku with everyone, Nick Cave. :) [Original.]

Tuesday 20:02 · @ppennefather Is it just me or does some of that read like pure unmitigated evil? [Original, responding to @ppennefather.]

Wednesday 00:09 · Just saw the current Nick Cave tour; if it’s coming near you I recommend taking it in. Super-intense.nickcave.com/live/ [Original.]

Wednesday 09:22 · 2014 World Cup — Down to 8: https://t.co/sIrhp2pNPj [Original.]

Wednesday 09:36 · @colbycosh Ewwwwwwww [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Wednesday 10:51 · Hey OS X, it’s refreshing when you spontaneously forget my screen background & replace it with a stock graphic. #notreally [Original.]

Wednesday 10:52 · @bradley Oops, right. [Original, responding to @bradley.]

Wednesday 10:57 · Ouf, EU right-to-be-forgotten legislation starts take effect in weird but predictable ways: www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/02/eu-right-to-be-forgotten-guardian-google [Original.]

Wednesday 11:48 · It would be plausible to abandon both SLR and mirrorless and just get one of these big-zoom cameras: www.dpreview.com/articles/6895395143/panasonic-lumix-dmc-fz1000-compared-to-sony-rx10 [Original.]

Wednesday 11:59 · @ashwink_s Been using FujiX for the last year, currently X-T1. Hate the Sony ergonomics. https://t.co/ApF5m54Lb2 [Original, responding to @ashwink_s.]

Wednesday 12:05 · @ashwink_s I totally don’t think you need full-frame. APS-C does it for me. E.g. theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2014/06/fujifilm-gets-it-and-sony-doesnt.html [Original, responding to @ashwink_s.]

Wednesday 12:11 · @ashwink_s Yeah, I’ve worked with the 100mm macro, an old 50/2.0, and a Tokina 400mm antique. Fun! [Original, responding to @ashwink_s.]

Wednesday 13:08 · Avoiding danger in 2014: https://t.co/pC0bh6T5eK [Original.]

Wednesday 16:24 · Downtown dusk. [Original.]

Wednesday 18:43 · @jfew yeah [Original, responding to @jfew.]

Wednesday 18:54 · @jfew Don’t use Spaces. [Original, responding to @jfew.]

Wednesday 18:56 · @fabulavancouver Looking for Riley Park, you’re right, it’s not very discoverable. [Original, responding to @fabulavancouver.]

Wednesday 19:45 · @DirkKS ?! https://t.co/v7uENH5JMV [Original, responding to @DirkKS.]

Thursday 00:03 · In Dracula movies, he’s always shown clean-shaven. Have to wonder how he manages that. [Original.]

Thursday 00:16 · Obviously, then, in the next remake Drac will have a hipster beard. [Original.]

Thursday 11:53 · Reverse Snowden syndrome: Feelings of inadequacy because you know the NSA probably ISN'T watching you. [Original.]

Thursday 20:30 · @ashwink_s X-T1 has a better EVF but otherwise they’re the same camera more or less. [Original, responding to @ashwink_s.]

Thursday 20:51 · Just my imagination, or are modern server-side coders coalescing into 2 camps, Node & Go? [Original.]

Thursday 23:19 · @colemickens That sounds like it’s worth expanding on at greater length. [Original, responding to @colemickens.]

Friday 07:53 · Could China just turn off the Internet? Maybe. chinachange.org/2014/07/03/the-advent-of-a-national-lan-in-china/ [Original.]

Friday 08:41 · @pamelafox That’s a startup idea! Kickstarter! Sand Hill Road! Google acquisition! [Original, responding to @pamelafox.]

Friday 08:51 · That Nick Cave show was the best music I’ve attended in years: https://t.co/g0rwuYr0Cp [Original.]

Friday 08:58 · @koxinga21 Can’t quite remember when Nick became a sell-out-the-big-venues guy. [Original, responding to @koxinga21.]

Friday 09:29 · #FRAvsGER how in the HELL do the Germans pull off those intricate passing sequences like the other team isn’t there?! [Original.]

Friday 09:45 · #FRAvsGER Referee’s a hardass. I like him. [Original.]

Friday 10:09 · RT @dangillmor: On July 4 in the @guardian, I explain how I'm working toward independence in my tech/communications www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/04/no-facebook-no-iphone-digital-independence [Original.]

Friday 10:24 · BitAuth from bitpay: blog.bitpay.com/2014/07/01/bitauth-for-decentralized-authentication.html Nothing conceptually new, not really BTC-related, but includes source code. [Original.]

Friday 10:25 · @wicary comme il faut [Original, responding to @wicary.]

Friday 10:29 · @nelson First I heard of it was when Economist guy started asking around the biz. Yeah, worth watching. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Friday 12:46 · The summer’s most unread book: online.wsj.com/articles/the-summers-most-unread-book-is-1404417569 [Original.]

Friday 12:50 · #BRAvsCOL Am I the only who thinks Brazil’s overwhelming-favorite status is just nuts? [Original.]

Friday 14:14 · Fred just got the opposite of a head-butt. [Original.]

Friday 14:18 · If by “publishers” you mean “people like Jason Calcanis” then yeah, they aren’t gonna miss Matt: pando.com/2014/07/03/matt-cutts-googles-head-of-webspam-is-going-on-indefinite-leave-publishers-likely-wont-miss-him/ [Original.]

Friday 14:23 · Interested in Cloud stuff? Pretty decent-looking jobs in Vancouver at ActiveState: www.activestate.com/company/careers [Original.]

Friday 14:26 · @Richard_Kadrey I kinda buy books hoping to be shamelessly manipulated by a skillful author. Pity you guys can’t deploy music. [Original, responding to @Richard_Kadrey.]

Friday 17:24 · @MichaelTheDevel Just Go. G uses Python but didn’t make it. [Original, responding to @MichaelTheDevel.]

Saturday 08:12 · @ftrain broken link intentional? [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Saturday 08:44 · Blackphone shows the way toward the kind of privacy that will eventually be considered basic/essential: arstechnica.com/security/2014/06/exclusive-a-review-of-the-blackphone-the-android-for-the-paranoid/ [Original.]

Saturday 10:17 · #ARGvsBEL Generally good refereeing in this round. Wish the football were a little better too. [Original.]

Saturday 11:21 · YVR folk: Going to a bbq in False Creek flats. Which of the new microbreweries there will sell me a truly great IPA? [Original.]

Saturday 11:29 · @mezzoblue @Brassneckbrew Beer fight! Beer fight! [Original, responding to @mezzoblue.]

Saturday 13:00 · @rgm “Red” and “IPA” in the same sentence feels wrong. P stands for “pale”. [Original, responding to @rgm.]

Saturday 13:05 · #NEDvsCRC Gotta love them Ticos, but I wanna see the Dutch running at the big-name defences. [Original.]

Saturday 14:04 · #NEDvsCRC Two really good defences showing their stuff here. [Original.]

Saturday 14:08 · Serious ugliness went on in Jerusalem today; bad shit being reported on Twitter feeds I’m not seeing in the MSM. [Original.]

Saturday 14:15 · @koush Just do a Twitter search for Jerusalem [Original, responding to @koush.]

Saturday 14:21 · RT @MadcapOcelot: 737s emerge from birthing river onto land for first time. Their wings, useless in underwater habitats, yet to mature. htt… [Original.]

Saturday 14:24 · @pkedrosky Do they have special/different pharmaceuticals for the British stages? [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Saturday 14:59 · #NEDvsCRC Be tempting for CRC to try to hang on for penalties. I think that’d be suicidal. [Original.]

Saturday 15:13 · #NEDvsCRC Too many whistles. [Original.]

Saturday 15:36 · TIL: There’s such a thing as a penalty-kick specialist keeper. [Original.]

Saturday 15:41 · RT @AGORACOM: My solution to "playing for penalty kicks" ... Game must at least be 1-1. Otherwise, match continues until a team scores cc … [Original.]

Saturday 15:45 · Krul is a huge dude. [Original.]

Saturday 16:00 · So, I'm thinking you don't want to go to penalties against the Dutch. [Original.]

Saturday 21:59 · Latest Snowden dump is informative, balanced: www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/in-nsa-intercepted-data-those-not-targeted-far-outnumber-the-foreigners-who-are/2014/07/05/8139adf8-045a-11e4-8572-4b1b969b6322_story.html [Original.]

Sunday 10:00 · RT @dangillmor: Snowden's motive was whistleblowing. Someone else's motive would've been money. Who might have paid for the files NSA claim… [Original.]

Sunday 10:01 · RT @cstross: @dangillmor Once Snowden demonstrated that the NSA was porous, foreign TLAs would have declared open season on disgruntled emp… [Original.]

Sunday 12:01 · The World Cup quarters: https://t.co/5QtgJurPT0 I think the numbers people who favor Argentina over Holland are crazy. [Original.]

Sunday 19:55 · A nice relaxed day, mostly family stuff. Now I think I’ll sit down and engage with some brands. [Original.]

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