Week ending Sunday 2014/06/29

Monday 08:10 · Cottage Life XXIX; in which I try making Biryani: https://t.co/wyhk72eTSy [Original.]

Monday 08:18 · @lmirani Buy a pressure cooker and you’re a national-security threat. Full body-cavity search every time you take out a library book. [Original, responding to @lmirani.]

Monday 10:03 · @feedly Trying initial “Sign in with Google” fails silently if that browser isn’t logged into a Google account. [Original, responding to @feedly.]

Monday 10:09 · @feedly Exactly. Vanilla Chrome/OS X out of the box. Worked with Twitter etc, but not Google. [Original, responding to @feedly.]

Monday 10:10 · @feedly It tried to use a Google account that had been used in that browser, but account wasn’t currently signed in. [Original, responding to @feedly.]

Monday 10:24 · Slow TV for long-haul flights: www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2014/06/flight-entertainment [Original.]

Monday 15:55 · @kevinconner If you’re in Vancouver: vancouver.ca/files/cov/kerrisdale-community-centre-spring-2014-recreation-guide.pdf [Original, responding to @kevinconner.]

Tuesday 08:00 · I put an antique 400mm lens on a shiny modern mirrorless, then a bald eagle dropped by: https://t.co/gnIZiw3icb [Original.]

Tuesday 08:02 · So, by default Wunderlist sends me an email *and* dings my phone *and* displays a notification. #dialitbackalready [Original.]

Tuesday 09:00 · Cynical, passionate, heart-on-sleeve coverage of ISIL & Iraqi civil war. Excellent: pando.com/2014/06/23/the-war-nerd-like-it-or-not-whats-happening-in-iraq-right-now-is-part-of-a-rational-process/ [Original.]

Tuesday 09:17 · @nelson Never tried anything like that. For star-shooting? [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Tuesday 09:56 · RT @evanchill: Italy playing for a draw is like watching annoying, whiny, entitled paint dry. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:40 · #ITAvsURU Really having trouble believing what I’m seeing. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:41 · #ITAvsURU ESPN announcer: “Uruguay have truly bitten Italy here.” [Original.]

Tuesday 10:42 · #ITAvsURU You’d think Chiellini would taste kind of nasty. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:32 · RT @davidluhnow: Americas versus rest of world now 14-3-2 at #WorldCup [Original.]

Tuesday 14:55 · Shame on Greece. Also, that referee must never be allowed near another international. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:08 · There was a slow-motion replay. It wasn’t subtle. Samaras did a theatrical leap, Sio didn’t touch him. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:54 · Maybe I owe Samaras an apology. RT @gruber: This makes it look like a good call: https://t.co/YdnPCEs2rl But he still dived. [Original.]

Tuesday 18:12 · My spouse is a math geek: www.laurenwood.org/anyway/2014/06/mathjax-mathml-and-wordpress/ [Original.]

Tuesday 22:51 · Keynote by @cstross at YAPC: www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2014/06/yapcna-2014-keynote-programmin.html Definitely worth reading. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:30 · 2014 World Cup — The Horror: https://t.co/kax3E2hNIT [Original.]

Wednesday 16:18 · Dalvik and ART: https://t.co/mGgbtxlV6q [Original.]

Wednesday 17:18 · I’m a fan of @StevenLevy, and there are things to like about Medium, but I’m still not sure what it is, exactly. Watching more closely. [Original.]

Wednesday 19:58 · t.co/FhjbtTy3P1’s algorithm guessed that I speak Australian & my native language is Dutch #WhichEnglish gameswithwords.org/WhichEnglish/ :) [Original.]

Wednesday 21:30 · @darrel_miller Fortunately that removes quite a few degrees of freedom & thus limits the damage. [Original, responding to @darrel_miller.]

Wednesday 23:17 · @segphault Praising with faint damns, are we? [Original, responding to @segphault.]

Thursday 00:13 · @vambenepe @juliaferraioli But ironing shirts makes one feel virtuous and accomplished. [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Thursday 08:16 · @acoyne access to that image forbidden... [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Thursday 09:13 · I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the @FiveThirtyEight #worldcup model feels flimsy. Dataset too small. [Original.]

Thursday 09:14 · Oops, link to that @FiveThirtyEight model: fivethirtyeight.com/interactives/world-cup/ [Original.]

Thursday 09:16 · #USAvsGER The German passing is frighteningly precise. [Original.]

Thursday 09:27 · OH: “Dude, life is a game, just no respawn unless you’re the Dalai Lama.” [Original.]

Thursday 09:32 · @mathewi Suspect he meant group standings, but yeah, that’s what he said. [Original, responding to @mathewi.]

Thursday 09:35 · @duncan Jebus you’re an American in German shouldn’t you be WATCHING SOME FOOTBALL?! [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Thursday 12:01 · World Cup Tools, or the failure of t.co/Q7L4DsmDXO: https://t.co/eRmCCUAmZK [Original.]

Thursday 12:06 · @doctorow s/enmiseration/immiseration/ Also, there’s a free-floating <1> in the middle of the PIketty piece. [Original, responding to @doctorow.]

Thursday 12:09 · Review of Piketty by @doctorow, including a useful précis for those who don’t (but should) read it. boingboing.net/2014/06/24/thomas-pikettys-capital-in-t.html [Original.]

Thursday 13:01 · Haha, Keith Olbermann&Ann Coulter pieces on why Americans shouldn’t like soccer. Reminded of Mom&Dad explaining why I shouldn’t like rock. [Original.]

Thursday 13:33 · #ALGvsRUS watching these other teams play brings it home how great the German passing game is; on another level, really. [Original.]

Thursday 13:34 · RT @authzero: We'll be going to @oscon next month. Come talk to us at our booth or let's grab a beer together! www.oscon.com/oscon2014/public/content/exhibitors?utm_content=bufferd4688&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer [Original.]

Thursday 19:01 · Indian cooking class! [Original.]

Friday 09:22 · World Cup 2014, the round of 16: https://t.co/ldpzTGP4xj [Original.]

Friday 09:26 · Got a Google hangout going somewhere on your screen? Type /ponystream [Original.]

Friday 10:10 · Apple’s gonna break iPhoto again for the millions of non-computer-savvy amateur photogs like my Mom. Oh joy: www.loopinsight.com/2014/06/27/apple-stops-development-of-aperture/ [Original.]

Friday 10:24 · So, Lightroom now effectively has a monopoly position for serious photogs? I use it but that doesn’t make me happy. [Original.]

Friday 11:27 · @dexterchief Ewww, Sourceforge. OK, will try anyhow. [Original, responding to @dexterchief.]

Friday 11:31 · @dexterchief Can’t open my dng files. Er, it opens them but displays them all mashed up and miscolored. [Original, responding to @dexterchief.]

Friday 13:13 · @dexterchief Can’t explore it if it can’t show me my pix :( [Original, responding to @dexterchief.]

Friday 13:30 · @DonovanBond Lots of pros use Lr too. But yeah, C1 is at least one decent alternative. [Original, responding to @DonovanBond.]

Saturday 09:33 · Neymar, 270° in a reverse pike position. 8.5 pts for artistic impression. [Original.]

Saturday 10:35 · Brazil gonna have to up their game a *lot* to get past teams like Germany/Netherlands/Argentina. Defense very shaky. [Original.]

Saturday 10:50 · @adrahon #BRAvsCHI, je crois [Original, responding to @adrahon.]

Saturday 16:42 · DisplayPort vs HDMI on OS X: https://t.co/N47AGaKTYH [Original.]

Saturday 16:52 · I confess: I sometimes type git commands I don’t understand, when I’m told they’ll make a git problem I don’t understand go away. [Original.]

Saturday 16:58 · @chrisNHV Is that the native rez? [Original, responding to @chrisNHV.]

Saturday 19:46 · EaaS: Entropy as a Service. Start your business plans! [Original.]

Saturday 19:52 · A malformed-horn section riding Segways playing Led Zep’s “Kashmir”? Yes, of course! (via @rbanffy): https://t.co/IzOBGyOXx7 [Original.]

Saturday 22:37 · @evanphx *sob* need to get back into Rubydom [Original, responding to @evanphx.]

Saturday 22:42 · @evanphx crypto for non-geeks. [Original, responding to @evanphx.]

Sunday 09:08 · Announcer says “one of the top referees in the world”. Shouldn’t that be the case for ALL the games in this tournament? [Original.]

Sunday 09:29 · #NEDvsMEX loads of empty seats... are the Brazilians crazy?! [Original.]

Sunday 09:35 · #NEDvsMEX Mexican defence looks completely impenetrable. [Original.]

Sunday 10:49 · #NEDvsMEX those corners were all beatifully-placed, one of them had to pay off eventually. [Original.]

Sunday 10:58 · Mexicans could’ve gone a couple levels deeper except almost any other team. [Original.]

Sunday 11:05 · So, I still don’t think I’ve seen a team at the #WorldCup with a better defence than Mexico’s. [Original.]

Sunday 11:19 · A little troubling that the next four consecutive matches at the #WorldCup are severely lopsided, little doubt of the results. [Original.]

Sunday 11:27 · @gimsieke I think #GRE doesn’t have the tiniest chance… maybe I’m wrong. [Original, responding to @gimsieke.]

Sunday 11:31 · RT @NateSilver538: #BRA 41%; #ARG 16%; #NED 14%; #GER 10%; #COL 9%; #FRA 6%: fivethirtyeight.com/interactives/world-cup/ [I respect 538 but… that’s crazy] [Original.]

Sunday 11:33 · So... he did flop, but he was fouled: www.businessinsider.com/arjen-robben-dives-2014-6 [Original.]

Sunday 11:33 · RT @axian: @timbray @natesilver538 Can't wait until Colombia demolishes Brazil so we can finally put this nonsense prognostication to rest. [Original.]

Sunday 12:32 · RT @iisrob: Walk towards the light. Power outage in my building for the day. Time to go out and #explorebc. instagram.com/p/p1uAhaFrpc/ [Original.]

Sunday 15:17 · @defrag After 30 min of extra time, if no result during it. [Original, responding to @defrag.]

Sunday 15:47 · @steveklabnik Except, for many people, apparently “good” means “like Haskell”. Which is empirically too hard for most to understand. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Sunday 16:45 · @gruber Hadn’t known; made me smile just reading that. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Sunday 21:56 · @pkedrosky I took up the question a bit: “Did Robben dive?” https://t.co/Ku6cu73Zym [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Sunday 23:27 · “There is a special place in hell for management of European phone companies” brontecapital.blogspot.ca/2014/06/the-miserable-circle-of-bad-service.html [Original.]

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