Week ending Sunday 2014/06/22

Monday 08:18 · 2014 World Cup Day 4: “It’s time for tact­less­ness: Some of these teams shouldn’t be here.” https://t.co/4kFrGWrgoI [Original.]

Monday 08:45 · @siracusa Wow, the Other John has pretty radical ideas. [Original, responding to @siracusa.]

Monday 09:08 · #GERvsPOR not boring. [Original.]

Monday 12:32 · @_apsingh86 Also that’s what it was called in the Indian store here in Vancouver. Should update Wikipedia. [Original, responding to @_apsingh86.]

Monday 12:43 · #IRNvsNGA quite a few empty seats in the stands. People are crazy, hot attacking football from both teams. [Original.]

Monday 12:45 · @tenderlove Guess rust doesn’t appear on aluminium laptops [Original, responding to @tenderlove.]

Monday 12:57 · @gjoris Enjoying it more than that Ger/Por disaster. [Original, responding to @gjoris.]

Monday 12:58 · @copolii Usually football fans can see past players’ horrible governments. [Original, responding to @copolii.]

Monday 18:02 · New concept! Hybrid analog/digital photography! www.ebay.com.au/itm/Hybrid-Photography-Film-Digital-Pentax-ZX-30-35mm-SLR-Film-Optio-60-Connected-/261508021109?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3ce317bb75&ssPageName=RSS:B:SHOP:AU:101 [Original.]

Monday 19:31 · 2014 World Cup Day 5 · Ouf, those Por­tugue­se: https://t.co/Qks5sxcdZj [Original.]

Tuesday 00:05 · @AbrahamHanover I did. Will now go get into bed and take out my Kindle-reading device. It says June 17 in my menu, book better be there. [Original, responding to @AbrahamHanover.]

Tuesday 00:15 · Saris! [Original.]

Tuesday 07:14 · RT @Carnage4Life: An open letter to #comcast / #xfinity from Stacie Huckeba is a thing of beauty - https://t.co/xK6g6CsCow [Original.]

Tuesday 08:48 · Hey, Poetica launched! Check it out: https://t.co/wnS6agGHbf [Original.]

Tuesday 09:07 · @bmann Yep, already in the sched [Original, responding to @bmann.]

Tuesday 09:09 · Rands: Please Learn to Write: randsinrepose.comhttp/randsinrepose.com/archives/please-learn-to-write/ [Original.]

Tuesday 09:19 · #BELvsALG Sympathizing with the people in the stands whistling at the lacklustre football. [Original.]

Tuesday 09:39 · @lrz historically we’re bad at this game :( [Original, responding to @lrz.]

Tuesday 11:29 · Hah, after all these years, I just had my first infinite-loop bug in an Android app. It’s not pretty when that happens... [Original.]

Tuesday 12:08 · #BRAvsMEX referee ignoring dives in early going. Some fouls too. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:39 · Seriously, #NoEnbridge It’s a stupid idea but fortunately will never be built. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:41 · >65% contra in BC, where the stupid thing is supposed to go through. Plus loads of unsettled aboriginal land claims. Never happen. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:51 · @InklessPW It’s irrelevant; They’d need to apply armed force to push it through BC, presumably they’re not that stupid. [Original, responding to @InklessPW.]

Tuesday 15:42 · @21yobear Damn few jobs, look at the numbers. The risks of running tankers into Kitimat seem way too high. Also, what revenue? [Original, responding to @21yobear.]

Tuesday 15:44 · #RUSvsKOR this Korean football/chess combo is maddening. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:46 · RT @Crommunist: I find it amazing that almost all the punditry about the #tarsands just accedes the assertion that the bitumen WILL be ship… [Original.]

Tuesday 16:01 · If we MUST ship that tarsands gunk (thus harming the planet & Northern Alberta) the Kinder Morgan proposal makes way more sense. [Original.]

Tuesday 17:15 · @21yobear Bah, short-term jobs to create the pipeline, almost none once it’s built. Alberta has ruled out royalties. [Original, responding to @21yobear.]

Tuesday 17:17 · I remember when HTML used to be Dynamic. Wonder what went wrong with that? [Original.]

Tuesday 17:20 · What @al3x said: https://t.co/vMfxJw9d3W [Original.]

Tuesday 19:37 · 2014 World Cup Day 6. One out of three ain’t bad I guess. https://t.co/98Icwa3qhQ [Original.]

Tuesday 20:53 · @segphault Bear in mind that Skype is back-doored out the wazoo. [Original, responding to @segphault.]

Tuesday 21:07 · Hm, on AlJazeera they say ISIL not ISIS. I suspect they’re apt to be right. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:58 · @pjenvey al-Sham (actually es-Sham) is what the locals call the city we call Damascus. But yeah. [Original, responding to @pjenvey.]

Tuesday 21:59 · @samirnassar I thought that was الشام as in Damascus (btw I grew up in Lebanon) [Original, responding to @samirnassar.]

Tuesday 22:26 · Listen to Jupiter. The planet, I mean: theresacouchman.com/post/89093929615/helaeon-this-is-the-sound-jupiter-emits-via via @theresa_lauren [Original.]

Wednesday 08:46 · The Wet’suwet’en have a nice Northern Gateway page: www.wetsuweten.com/pipelines #stopEnbridge [Original.]

Wednesday 10:17 · #AUSvsNED if you’re up by 1 goal on Holland you might still be losing. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:50 · If Jack White could collect a royalty on soccer chants, he’d be richer than Bill Gates. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:02 · Wow, the Fire phone has “chamfered edges”. All other phones are dog meat, I guess. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:06 · www.tbray.org/ is getting rebooted this evening after 1142 days of uptime. No problemo, I’m sure… *shudders* [Original.]

Wednesday 11:49 · Those guys over at Unicode.org are having waaaaaay too much fun. [Original.]

Wednesday 19:35 · There are ~250K words in English, so this new tweetstream has some time to run: https://t.co/5EtQogMKtr [Original.]

Wednesday 19:39 · @acoyne That guy’s assumption that the labour market is a zero-sum game seems wildly counter-intuitive. [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Wednesday 21:16 · Pentaxians’ Bible: kmp.bdimitrov.de/ [Original.]

Thursday 09:05 · 2014 World Cup Day 7, in which I invoke the name of Joe Montana: https://t.co/jWolngKMJi [Original.]

Thursday 11:31 · I fetched a tweet, which had 10 replies, using curl. The response body was 119K in size. #AstonishedTheWebWorksAtAll [Original.]

Thursday 11:55 · RT @LaughingSquid: President Obama Hosts First Ever White House Maker Faire laughingsquid.com/president-obama-hosts-first-ever-white-house-maker-faire/ [Original.]

Thursday 12:19 · @DavidBruant I have, and will again. [Original, responding to @DavidBruant.]

Thursday 12:25 · #URUvsENG Hockey has a word for what Uruguay are doing: “forechecking”. This one’s a yawner so far. [Original.]

Thursday 12:34 · @ppennefather Don’t buy it… at this point there’s an important distinguished role for the device-with-a-keyboard. [Original, responding to @ppennefather.]

Thursday 13:43 · #URUvsENG Whoever rebuilt Suarez's knee can double his/her price. [Original.]

Friday 00:12 · Some exquisite pictures of, and I quote, a “temple of science”, by @BWJones: prometheus.med.utah.edu/~bwjones/2014/06/what-makes-a-building-run/ [Original.]

Friday 08:44 · On the stupidity and increasing irrelevance of Java: https://t.co/oQQjF2Es4V [Original.]

Friday 08:48 · @nelson That’s a feature not a bug. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Friday 09:18 · @rcarmo That on OS X? Good news if so. [Original, responding to @rcarmo.]

Friday 09:18 · @MichaelZed Thanks! [Original, responding to @MichaelZed.]

Friday 10:05 · @brunoborges The difference is that curl works. [Original, responding to @brunoborges.]

Friday 10:55 · @benpickering Go, probably. Erlang worth a look too, it was good enough for WhatsApp. Maybe Scala. [Original, responding to @benpickering.]

Friday 11:43 · RT @StevenWalling: Wikipedia on Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. 464 updates this week by 75 authors. No explainer can top this. http… [Original.]

Friday 17:51 · 2014 World Cup Days 8 & 9; in which I join the world in Coasta-Rica fandom, and peek into the next round: https://t.co/eIScPMs39I [Original.]

Friday 18:47 · @cstross Waiters have Secret Inside Knowledge. [Original, responding to @cstross.]

Saturday 10:39 · git submodules are hard… let’s go shopping. [Original.]

Saturday 16:12 · @steveklabnik Ssssh don’t blow our secret. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Saturday 16:37 · @juliaferraioli Thanks! At the cabin chilling by the water: https://t.co/Ip7ImRNadh [Original, responding to @juliaferraioli.]

Saturday 21:08 · @DeirdreS No countries beginning with i up there [Original, responding to @DeirdreS.]

Sunday 21:39 · TIL about t.co/E40Vi41Yfd. www.tbray.org/ (Debian out-of-the-box) is only OK: https://t.co/Gcpu0FxHSQ [Original.]

Sunday 22:44 · @importantshock It’s not obvious that date/time handling is actually *good* in any significant deployed software base. [Original, responding to @importantshock.]


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From: d.w. (Jun 29 2014, at 06:45)

Tim, is the code you use to grab your previous week's tweets available anywhere? Yes, I could write my own, but if that wheel's already been invented...


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