Week ending Sunday 2014/06/15

Monday 08:05 · To anyone sending me regular email: if I don’t want it any more & there’s no Unsubscribe button, that just leaves the Spam button. [Original.]

Monday 08:27 · RT @pkedrosky: If you’re in the mood for a curated World Cup twitter list, you could do worse than the BBC’s https://t.co/Kfq4Hn8cBT [Original.]

Monday 10:46 · @gruber Recently got an excited pitch from a Twitter evangelist about how their client is best because it encourages pictures. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Monday 13:57 · Trusting Browser Code: https://t.co/MT9g8Rw52k Tl;dr: I suspect that trusting JS crypto is plausible. [Original.]

Monday 14:00 · Privacy as a competitive vector. With interesting search-engine data: avc.com/2014/06/privacy-as-a-competitive-vector/ [Original.]

Monday 14:15 · Woah, Okta raises $75M on top of the $80M they’ve already done. I like the Identity space, but... techcrunch.com/2014/06/09/okta-scores-75m-in-final-round-of-funding-hopes-to-go-public-in-a-couple-of-years/ [Original.]

Monday 14:16 · @mikeloukides “Which screen?” he wonders, looking at his 28" Retina monitor... [Original, responding to @mikeloukides.]

Monday 14:41 · @anildash That guy is way overthinking it. Perl got left behind because the alternatives are better. [Original, responding to @anildash.]

Monday 14:54 · RT @FredericJacobs: iOS 8 randomises the MAC address while scanning for WiFi networks. Hoping that this becomes an industry standard. https… [Original.]

Monday 15:46 · @headius @brixen @jcoglan Famous rarely (but not never) seen Berkeley Unix crash message: “Bill Joy says this can’t happen.” [Original, responding to @headius.]

Monday 16:35 · @ShaneWord DRM is explicitly a black-box. This shouldn’t be, right? [Original, responding to @ShaneWord.]

Monday 16:36 · @headius Been nice knowing you. [Original, responding to @headius.]

Monday 16:43 · Norwegian humour about the Danish language: https://t.co/5A30ndWS7k [Original.]

Monday 16:44 · [Disclosure: Once I met a super attractive Danish woman & we were hitting it off, but I couldn’t pronounce her name.] [Original.]

Monday 16:45 · @ShaneWord Well, that model just isn’t useful in this context. [Original, responding to @ShaneWord.]

Monday 17:32 · @ShaneWord Spreading crypto around the ecosystem is an incremental process not a binary switch. [Original, responding to @ShaneWord.]

Monday 18:36 · @tenderlove How many major gems have had feline-belly updates? [Original, responding to @tenderlove.]

Monday 18:50 · Dani Dayan offers “a blueprint for peaceful nonreconciliation” in Israel. www.nytimes.com/2014/06/09/opinion/peaceful-nonreconciliation-now.html?_r=0 [Original.]

Monday 20:04 · “The emperor’s new clothes were built with Node.js” notes.ericjiang.com/posts/751 [Never used NodeJS myself] [Original.]

Tuesday 08:26 · Harper calculus could go like this: Enbridge yes, BC furious, AB votes Tory. Enbridge no, AB mad but votes Tory anyhow. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:13 · @stephanwehner Wow, Kenai still exists... who knew? [Original, responding to @stephanwehner.]

Tuesday 17:27 · @girlonthenet Lorries do not exist in North America. [Original, responding to @girlonthenet.]

Tuesday 17:44 · @DeirdreS Where in the world is this? (Not that it should matter, but wondering.) [Original, responding to @DeirdreS.]

Tuesday 19:27 · For the first time in years, trying to run a java program from the command line. Classpath laughing cruelly at my feeble attempts. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:32 · Apparently it’s well known that Java 7 client often can’t do https connections because incomprehensible cert table mismatch fail. [Original.]

Wednesday 07:52 · Wow, Feedly being hit with a DDOS+ransom-demand attack. Good luck to ’em. blog.feedly.com/2014/06/11/denial-of-service-attack/ [Original.]

Wednesday 07:59 · @doctorow NO, she’s a saprophyte! [Original, responding to @doctorow.]

Wednesday 08:00 · @therealfitz Croissant. [Original, responding to @therealfitz.]

Wednesday 17:24 · Feedly is back. Now I know what’s happening again. [Original.]

Wednesday 18:38 · RT @ftrain: Now they're out there, friends of friends, waiting and all latent and ready to be ACTIVATED, like pupating drones awaiting our … [Original.]

Thursday 06:33 · Good overview from @cstross of the background to the Scottish independence-or-not turmoil: www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2014/06/the-scottish-political-singula.html [Original.]

Thursday 07:09 · Canada's government systematically stripping away its citizens' privacy rights: www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/7155/125/ [Original.]

Thursday 07:55 · @jannotti Interesting idea, but suppose the alternative is jail time? [Original, responding to @jannotti.]

Thursday 07:57 · @jdwaterson Not much coverage, to be honest. I have no opinion what’s best for Scotland. [Original, responding to @jdwaterson.]

Thursday 11:01 · dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/06/12/markets-are-restacking-the-building-blocks-of-a-financial-crisis/?smid=tw-share I’ve been shaking my head at financial news, glad to hear I’m not the only one worried. [Original.]

Thursday 11:20 · @rgm It’s complicated. [Disclosure: My kid is sitting one of those exams this year and is totally stressed out.] [Original, responding to @rgm.]

Thursday 11:26 · @fredbenenson Yeah. 5th suite. [Original, responding to @fredbenenson.]

Thursday 11:41 · Back page of my morning paper was a full-page #northerngateway plug signed by immensely rich people & big-biz execs. #yawn [Original.]

Thursday 12:18 · Warning. There will be a certain amount of #WorldCup chatter in this space for the next little while. [Original.]

Thursday 12:19 · Q: Is there a canonical hashtag formula for individual #WorldCup games? E.g. #wc2014BraCro ? [Original.]

Thursday 13:13 · #BRAvsCRO Brazil thought they could take their time about waking up, apparently. [Original.]

Thursday 13:17 · Croatia midfield looking lethal #BRAvsCRO [Original.]

Thursday 13:30 · Brazil set-pieces looking super dangerous #BRAvsCRO [Original.]

Thursday 14:25 · @Clipperz Don’t recognize quite a few of those handles, maybe post some actual name somewhere? [Original, responding to @Clipperz.]

Thursday 14:30 · #BRAvsCRO That’s a couple of bad calls now, both against Croatia. Soccer needs instant-replay on penalties. [Original.]

Thursday 15:56 · @costlow ? [Original, responding to @costlow.]

Thursday 16:38 · My (predictably grumpy) take on Brazil vs Croatia: https://t.co/uoh4vQkzC6 #WorldCup [Original.]

Thursday 16:39 · @costlow Bah, I’m running it on Android instead of from the command line. HTTPS on Android Just Works. [Original, responding to @costlow.]

Thursday 17:01 · @gruber your world-cup-fishy-calls link is not pointing at the right place [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Thursday 20:50 · Interestingly, the view of the Ontario election from the rest of Canada was Hudak Hudak Hudak Hudak Hudak. Guess it was different inside. [Original.]

Thursday 23:43 · Astronomers being mean to dwarf galaxies, say they "don't fit standard model". A little heteronormative innit? www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/06/140611093627.htm?utm_content=bufferac9cc&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer [Original.]

Friday 08:53 · We should all be angry every day that China has neutered its Net. A billion people held hostage to ignorance: www.networkworld.com/article/2362051/access-control/behind-the-great-firewall-what-its-really-like-to-log-on-from-china.html [Original.]

Friday 09:01 · #MexVsCMR So… it rains in Brazil. Who knew? [Original.]

Friday 09:31 · #MexVsCMR Brazilians know how to set up a football pitch to survive heavy rain. [Original.]

Friday 09:32 · #MEXvsCMR Am prepared to believe the worst of FIFA refereeing but that looked offside to me. [Original.]

Friday 09:40 · #MEXvsCMR Neither of these teams is going to win the World Cup, but they’re both lovable. [Original.]

Friday 09:49 · Huge privacy news in Canada; Supreme Court finds warrant-free ISP disclosure unconstitutional. www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/7156/125/ [Original.]

Friday 09:55 · #MEXvsCMR Ouch ouch ouch. Half-time replays show pretty clearly that both dos Santos’ goals should have counted. #FIFAfail [Original.]

Friday 10:08 · Econo-rant from @pmarca’s has 1 instance of the word “services”?! Haircuts, renovations, sales, fitness, etc etc etc blog.pmarca.com/2014/06/13/this-is-probably-a-good-time-to-say-that-i-dont-believe-robots-will-eat-all-the-jobs/ [Original.]

Friday 10:11 · @hunterwalk Hmm... “search-term site:t.co/3sHG7C9Dtl” works pretty well for me [Original, responding to @hunterwalk.]

Friday 13:08 · Not much time left to get your papers in for the Semiotic Society of America Annual Meeting: semioticsocietyofamerica.org/2014-annual-meeting/ [Original.]

Friday 13:44 · RT @boyreporter: I haven't seen the Dutch beat the Spanish this badly since 1648 ...#HistoryNerd [Original.]

Friday 19:43 · Found a film camera in the basement with a 50mm F2 & a roll of Ektachrome. Don’t really need another analogue addiction… [Original.]

Friday 20:14 · @lobrien Many of the camera brands have their own forums with active resale markets. [Original, responding to @lobrien.]

Friday 20:30 · World Cup Day 2 remarks, with links to video of a couple of Dutch goals: https://t.co/zWI3zqtPZQ [Original.]

Friday 20:38 · @elventear Yeah, but anyone would look good against that Cameroon team. [Original, responding to @elventear.]

Saturday 00:06 · Fujilm X-T1 (2014) & Pentax P30 (1985), remarkably similar in size. P30 is a “full-frame” camera, of course. [Original.]

Saturday 08:08 · @samnewman yeah, a lot. The EVF is astonishing [Original, responding to @samnewman.]

Saturday 09:05 · #COLvsGRE Has it ever been proposed that players’ names on #WorldCup uniforms be in native scripts? Greek would look cool. [Original.]

Saturday 10:34 · #COLvsGRE Greeks don’t seem to realize that attacking at a walking pace not good enough in the #WorldCup [Original.]

Saturday 10:57 · A high proportion of games are built around Unity or Unreal. Will Swift &/or Metal be relevant in that situation? [Original.]

Saturday 11:03 · Hard to believe, but there are those who aren’t all happy about the #WorldCup: www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2014/06/world-cup-engage-grinch-mode-n.html [Hilarious] [Original.]

Saturday 17:11 · If you’re in Canada & have Android, get the CBC World Cup app. Just watched most of #ENGvsITA on it: https://t.co/lbCAoZv8p8 [Original.]

Saturday 18:17 · #CIVvsJPN that was a total bullet from Honda. [Original.]

Sunday 09:34 · World Cup Day 3, with pix from Manaus and a World-Cup-app plug: https://t.co/h3a06JURFP [Original.]

Sunday 12:37 · #FRAvsHON Those little white collars on the French uniforms are, uh, adorable. [Original.]

Sunday 12:38 · Fourth day of the #WorldCup and still no draws in any match. That a record? [Original.]

Sunday 12:44 · RT @warrenellis: All respect to the brave Honduran's valiant effort to snap that Frenchman's spine [Original.]

Sunday 12:45 · #FRAvsHON Not much of a football game tbh. [Original.]

Sunday 15:28 · Momordica charantia a.k.a. bitter melon a.k.a. karavella [Original.]

Sunday 16:17 · Haven’t seen a team today that looks like a plausible contender. #WorldCup [Original.]

Sunday 16:26 · @colbycosh Italy maybe. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Sunday 16:26 · @colbycosh Oh and yeah, Holland. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Sunday 16:32 · @isofarro My local Vancouver team would have looked dangerous against Honduras today. [Original, responding to @isofarro.]

Sunday 16:54 · #WorldCup 11 matches no draws. But a few yawners. [Original.]

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