Week ending Sunday 2014/06/08

Monday 07:01 · @jroper Best answer is, just use UTF-8. [Original, responding to @jroper.]

Monday 12:03 · You can save so much time if you ignore the Apple hoopla till its over, then check it out. [Original.]

Monday 12:55 · @jroper rfc7159.net/rfc7159#rfc.section.8.1 [Original, responding to @jroper.]

Monday 12:56 · Recent MacBook Pro + Samsung U28D590D 4K monitor: https://t.co/N8LgFf2roE Tl;dr: Good enough for me. [Original.]

Monday 13:16 · @jroper if you try to send UTF-16 JSON across the Internet, it probably won’t work anyhow. Support missing in much software. [Original, responding to @jroper.]

Monday 13:17 · @jroper Also, I’ve never EVER encountered UTF-16 on a network link in the wild. [Original, responding to @jroper.]

Monday 17:30 · Wait... Swift is closed-source? [Original.]

Monday 17:55 · @jroper I agree, but we couldn't get consensus to nuke 16 & 32 [Original, responding to @jroper.]

Monday 20:01 · As Snowden Leak Anniversary Approaches, Intelligence Community Prepares to Declare Victory: www.emptywheel.net/2014/06/02/as-snowden-leak-anniversary-approaches-intelligence-community-prepares-to-declare-victory/ [Original.]

Monday 20:43 · I guess if you’re writing for a platform whose vendor decides whether your code is allowed to run, a closed-source language is no biggie. [Original.]

Monday 20:46 · @bradfitz Lots of busted graphics on those slides [Original, responding to @bradfitz.]

Monday 20:58 · @bradfitz Some but not all included gfx showing broken-img thing. Nothing obvious in the chrome console. [Original, responding to @bradfitz.]

Monday 21:04 · @bradfitz Yeah that seems to be it. [Original, responding to @bradfitz.]

Tuesday 08:37 · @publicfarley I have no opinion on the name :) Someone else piled on there. [Original, responding to @publicfarley.]

Tuesday 08:38 · Where is your data safe? https://t.co/l2DmozaVjs Tl;dr: A well-managed personal computer is pretty safe, actually. [Original.]

Tuesday 08:40 · @pkedrosky It comes with OS X; doesn’t seem to slow things down in recent releases. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Tuesday 08:47 · @publicfarley I also hate “Go” but that’s just because it’s such a shitty Google search term... [Original, responding to @publicfarley.]

Tuesday 09:27 · @randomfrequency Right, and if they won’t, you can use one of the alternate distribution channels. Oh, wait… [Original, responding to @randomfrequency.]

Tuesday 13:52 · My head, talking, about XML & JSON & privacy: https://t.co/oEg7Xntc7G (Been doing a lot of work with these GOTO people.) [Original.]

Tuesday 14:08 · OpenPGP in the browser: googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.ca/2014/06/making-end-to-end-encryption-easier-to.html Looks very promising. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:47 · @brianbehlendorf Yup. Some work on versioned code signing would be super-helpful. Someone must be working on that? [Original, responding to @brianbehlendorf.]

Tuesday 15:48 · @brianbehlendorf Because crypto-in-the-browser is a good idea if code trust can be established. [Original, responding to @brianbehlendorf.]

Tuesday 15:53 · @shanebee I follow lots of people who don’t follow me. [Original, responding to @shanebee.]

Tuesday 15:56 · Every story with “Vertu” in the title leaves me shaking my head: connect.dpreview.com/post/1834074858/vertu-signature-touch-comes-with-hasselblad-certified-camera [Original.]

Tuesday 15:56 · @shanebee OK, that’s a good reason to dump. [Original, responding to @shanebee.]

Tuesday 16:51 · @c_davies down boy [Original, responding to @c_davies.]

Wednesday 06:29 · RT @HeathaT: Hong Kong's candlelight Tiananmen memorial tonight is just incredible #TAM25 [Original.]

Wednesday 07:56 · Just suppose you wanted your photography to be private? https://t.co/EWtX15Dx4S [Original.]

Wednesday 12:17 · In case you were in any doubt that more aggressive environmental regulation is sensible policy: www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2014/06/industry-and-carbon-limits [Original.]

Wednesday 12:27 · People say if I hook up my Sammy 28" 4K with DP rather than HDMI, I’ll get 60hz rather than 30. I wonder if it’ll be perceptible? [Original.]

Wednesday 16:20 · @tooshel The results of running that are *very* interesting; blog post coming. Thanks! [Original, responding to @tooshel.]

Wednesday 21:57 · Here I am in 2014 with actual Xanadu code actually sort of working in my browser. (Only Ffox, not Chrome). xanadu.com/ [Original.]

Wednesday 22:39 · Really outstanding short film on street photography in Morocco: www.dpreview.com/news/2014/05/24/street-photography-tips-with-zack-arias [Original.]

Friday 07:09 · Daisies, ferns, and a hen through that funky hybrid lens combo. Pretty! https://t.co/oDZDrSQxfe [Original.]

Saturday 08:11 · The HTTP spec has been rewritten & cleaned up; a huge piece of work, for which we should all be grateful. https://t.co/qXP531pOwy [Original.]

Saturday 09:34 · On the Harper government: @acoyne reaches back and brings it: fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2014/06/06/andrew-coyne-we-once-had-to-wait-weeks-for-a-new-harper-abuse-of-power-now-were-getting-them-two-or-three-a-day/ #cdnpoli [Original.]

Saturday 09:37 · Q: Can JS be made trustworthy? E.g. with a hash of a trusted app? Or is it just too dynamic? Browser changes required? [Original.]

Saturday 09:45 · @jroper Well, for things like keybase & Google end-to-end. Browser crypto would be nice if there were a way to trust the code version. [Original, responding to @jroper.]

Saturday 10:05 · Is a “canary doc” actually useful? e.g. www.rsync.net/resources/notices/canary.txt E.g. couldn’t the spooks get a warrant directing you to lie? [Original.]

Saturday 11:30 · I don't go to the mall very often, but when I do, I always stop by Swarovsky to look at the sparklies. [Original.]

Saturday 12:18 · @brentsimmons Or node.go. [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Saturday 12:18 · RT @BWJones: Some random dude asleep on my shoulder… [Original.]

Saturday 12:20 · @BWJones Your expression is priceless though. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Saturday 12:27 · @mansaxel Oh, so you participated in the work of the WG? And submitted text for SRV support? And failed to get consensus? [Original, responding to @mansaxel.]

Saturday 12:28 · RT @mevans212: Someone in my apartment building has apparently given up. #sf #techbooksintherecyclying [Original.]

Saturday 12:37 · @mansaxel Well, it’s a wide-open process. You can participate, or stand outside and shout “pathetic”. Your choice. [Original, responding to @mansaxel.]

Saturday 13:35 · @ianbicking cool, docs for that? [Original, responding to @ianbicking.]

Saturday 13:40 · @ianbicking Thanks! [Original, responding to @ianbicking.]

Saturday 16:25 · Wet yellow rose, Nexus 5 edition. [Original.]

Saturday 16:26 · @axlotl @mevans212 Did you help? [Original, responding to @axlotl.]

Saturday 16:48 · @meyerweb The Net weeps with you. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Saturday 17:21 · @bradediger You a lawyer? [Original, responding to @bradediger.]

Saturday 20:18 · Near Bethlehem, by Banksy: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banksy#mediaviewer/File:Mauer-betlehem.jpg [Original.]

Sunday 08:19 · Article on stock-market buying pressure features high-tech household names. Kind of amazing: www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-05-27/here-mystery-and-completely-indiscriminate-buyer-stocks-first-quarter [Original.]

Sunday 10:33 · @olabini The rewards are potentially very high. [Original, responding to @olabini.]

Sunday 10:34 · @siracusa The right answer is Ruby’s dict.each do |k, v| - Does Swift have that? [Original, responding to @siracusa.]

Sunday 10:35 · @olabini Security is not a binary value. Incremental increases in security level are the sane path forward. [Original, responding to @olabini.]

Sunday 10:36 · @olabini All we can ever do is drive up the cost of snooping/theft. Which is definitely worth doing. [Original, responding to @olabini.]

Sunday 10:37 · @olabini Yeah you’re quite possibly right about JS... It’s just that the rewards are high enough that it’s worth banging on a bit. [Original, responding to @olabini.]

Sunday 10:55 · @siracusa Ruby would be b = a.clone [Original, responding to @siracusa.]

Sunday 10:57 · It’s safe to assume that if Vodaphone is doing this, so are all the other big telcos. [Original.]

Sunday 13:25 · @meyerweb You already wrote a chronicle. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Sunday 13:26 · How about someone set up a blog for @pmarca - his stuff would be way easier to read. And there’d be a persistent link to it. [Original.]

Sunday 13:29 · @gnat @pmarca So blog on your own damn domain and take care of it. It’s not bloody rocket science. [Original, responding to @gnat.]

Sunday 13:36 · @gnat @pmarca Totally context & payload dependent. For contributions to public discourse, a high-value feature. [Original, responding to @gnat.]

Sunday 21:02 · Rose. [Original.]

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